Thursday, November 06, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Canada - What The Hell Canada?

Top 12 - Results Night - The Cut from 12 to 10 - Ep. 114
Judges: Jean-Marc Genereux, Tre Armstrong, Melissa Williams, Rex Harrington

I just got back from the live show and I am SOOOOOOO pissed. And now that I'm rewatching it on TV, I'm even MORE pissed.

WHAT. THE. HELL. CANADA? First Stephen Harper and now this?


Stupid little girls I tell ya. But more on that later.

Luckily I had a good day, seeing the live taping of the results show after seeing the matinee of the National Ballet of Canada's latest show, the first of this season, In the Upper Room & Symphony in C & Polyphonia and if you're reading this, you're probably already a SYTYCD fan and if you're in Toronto, I totally recommend going (especially for the In The Upper Room segment though as a show on the whole, I preferred last years stuff more). I decided to check out the ballet last year for dance sake after being a huge fan of SYTYCD and now I'm a HUGE fan of ballet. Who knew it wasn't boring? (Especially after last years much more modern and eccentric programming). So while this current show only runs until this sunday, The Seagull starts next Thursday and if you're 16-29, sign up for DanceBreak and use the code word DANCEBREAK starting midnight on the day of the show for $20 seats (no svc. charge online!) for any remaining seats (we had front row centre today!)! You can get 2 per young person and the other person can be any age. So if you're over 29, nows the time to embrace your inner cougar and find a young friend to go!

Now, back to the show, where National Ballet of Canada's Artist-in-Residence Rex Harrington is still judging this week. And boy, did the judges have a hard decision to make after Canada threw them a curveball.

Judges: Jean Marc Genereux, Tre Armstrong, Melissa Williams, Rex Harrington

Top 12 Group Performance
Song: "I Surrender" - Celine Dion
Choreographer: Blake McGrath

Hmm... I didn't love that. I think it works better live. It seemed almost like his Nightmare Rabbit dance he did for BeLIEve in Vegas. UPDATE: Oops. Wade did the Rabbit dance. Nevermind.

Here's the video of the Top 12 Group Dance:

So my Bottom 3 Predictions were:
Lara and Miles
Natalli and Francis
Kaitlyn and Izaak

with the whole intention that Izaak would be cut. This is what actually happened:

The bottom 3 are actually:
Lara Smythe and Miles Faber
Natalli Reznik and Francis Lafrenière
Allie Bertram and Danny Arbour

What. The. Hell. Canada?

I knew someone good was going to have to hit the bottom 3 with only 6 teams left and essentially 5 strong teams but having the one lone team that deserved to leave be safe leaving three good teams in the bottom is just WRONG and the judges were NOT happy about it either.

The look on Jean Marc's face was of simple disgust and it remained that way for the rest of the show with him shaking his head the whole time. The WHOLE TIME. Tre looked bemused knowing the voters just screwed them over.

A bunch of groups of little teenage girls screamed with happiness when Izaak and Kaitlyn were safe. THESE ARE THE CULPRITS. (The rest of us were just stunned in silence).

Lara dances for her life:
Grade: A+
AMAZING. Totally AMAZING. And if you add in the fact that her hand was injured, the flips were even more amazing.

Natalli dances for her life:
Grade: A-
At this point she's my least favorite girl in the bunch but she does good here on her solo.

Allie dances for her life:
Grade: B
The least interesting solo from my favorite girl in the competition but I guess ballet is hard to showcase especially by yourself AND to pop music.

Miles dances for his life:
Grade: A
This guy is totally under-appreciated and his solo's just help underlined the versatility he's had over all the pairings.

Francis dances for his life:
Grade: A
The guy is a showman and he manages to make his ballroom style into a really fun showy solo.

Danny dances for his life:
Grade: B-
A really average solo from an above average dancer.

On a side note, before the judges made their announcement, Miles went out of his way to hug all the girls as they were readying for the camera and then initiated a group hug amongst the three guys. It was seriously cute and very gentlemanly.

In the end, the judges who were not unanimous with the girls decisions, decides to keep Allie (no surprise) and Natalli and let Lara go. I'm disappointed since I think Natalli is a bit overated (despite her good solo) but I knew the judges seem to love her for some reason. Meanwhile, Lara does the best solo, is one of the most versatile dancers always rising up to the challenges of probably the most challenging series of dances they're given but alas, it's apparently not enough.

As for the guys, Danny is safe (no surprise) so when it comes down between Miles and Francis, it's time for Francis to go. I'm a bit shocked since I was worried for Miles (my fave at this point) but I love Francis too that I'm still sad about it. Especially since it SHOULD HAVE BEEN IZAAK (and no, I'm not going to get over it).

So so long Lara Smythe and Francis Lafrenière. You both should have been in the Perfect Top 10 but alas, it shall not be because of some silly and stupid voting. Democracy does NOT always work.

So alas Canada, we have our Top 10 Dancers:

Miles, Allie, Nico, Arassay, Vincent, Lisa, Danny, Natalli, Kaitlyn and Izaak.

New partners, new dances, all next Wednesday back in its regular time slot at 8pm on CTV.

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Blake did not do that Rabbit dance for Believe, it was Wade Robson

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what was the name of the song that miles danced to?