Thursday, November 20, 2008

Will We Love Cupid?

Word on the (Hollywood) street is that the pilot is just not quite perfect but here's the new preview for ABC's upcoming remake Cupid from Veronica Mars' Rob Thomas (based on his original show from 10 years ago):

LOVE Bobby Cannavale... but... I think part of the originals charm was that you sort of have a crazy frantic energy with Jeremy Piven, a sort of bad boy being good (which I was reminded of after just seeing him in Speed-the-Plow the other day on Broadway, which hopefully I'll get reviews up for ALL the shows I've seen soon enough).

Still, between the always likable Cannavale and the lovely Sarah Paulson AND it's Rob Thomas re-helming this, I'm in.

I mean, I love this match making stuff! Miss Match was under-appreciated and I actually secretly enjoyed the short run of Valentine (yes, I was the one who was watching it).

The new version of Cupid will also star Camille Guaty (The Nine, Prison Break) and Rick Gomez (What About Brian). I'm not sure about Rick. He annoyed me after a while on What About Brian. Then again, everyone got irritating on that show. So maybe it's not his fault. Still, he's sort of a poor man's Freddy Rodriguez to me.


jeremy said...

I'm so jealous you saw Speed the Plow! I saw it at Lincoln center I think it was, when I was a kid. Madonna was supposed to be in it, but it was her understudy. I slept throught most of it.

Dame James said...

Everytime I see Bobby Cannavale I just want to shout out "Vince!" even when I realize that he is an accomplished actor outside of "Will and Grace." I've never seen the original, but the preview looks interesting and I'll definitely have to give it a look once it premieres (especially since there are no other new shows to get really excited about besides "Privileged")