Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You Now Have Plans for Friday Nights in 2009

Woo! Friday, January 16th! 9pm on NBC! FINALLY!

Friday Night Lights will be back on Fridays and while it's a dead timeslot on a dead night of TV, I don't care. Any way that allows more people to watch the show is better than nothing (or DirecTV).

Because seriously, while I'm a couple of episodes behind on Season 3, it has so far been PERFECTION. ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! And I'm going to be right there to watch it all again on NBC with tissues ready this time (because as tradition, every episode has made me tear up at some point and this season is no different).

I've been avoiding talking too much about it just to not spoil it for anybody who is waiting for the NBC run but let's just say it's back on the top of my TV list as the Best Series currently on the air.

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Esther said...

I've never watched Friday Night Lights. The plot just never appealed to me. It's about how the hopes and dreams of a small Texas town are played out through its high school football team, right? Maybe I'll give it a try.