Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boy Zone

I love Boyzone and love them even more now! I knew there was a reason why they were called Boyzone! Now when is my other favorite boyband Westlife going to show Mark with his guy in a video (assuming they still make videos)? Here's Boyzone's new video "Better" with the first appearance by a gay male couple in a boyband video (I know, it's a lot of nouns and adjectives but hey, it's a first! and a start):

I have no shame in admitting I have all their albums (including the "Best of" repeat), I have all of lead Ronan Keating's albums, and I was the one who bought Stephen Gately's album.

Stephen Gately is "married" ("in a civil partnership" which is the true fact, doesn't seem to have quite the same ring to it (so fight on!)) to Andy Cowles.

In fact, I always loved Gately's "I Believe" that plays at the end of Billy Elliot (the movie and it's too bad it's not in the musical because that's about the only thing I felt was missing from the stage version, which incidentally, opens tomorrow on Broadway)

Oh man, now I want to watch the movie again! Jamie Bell is so adorable!

I also loved Stephen Gately's "New Beginning" which is essentially his little coming out anthem:

Ronan Keating is probably most famous for "When You Say Nothing At All" from the Notting Hill soundtrack:

Boyzone's most famous song is probably "No Matter What" which like all British boybands, seemed to sweep the entire world except North America (probably because people gag on that kind of schmaltz here but personally I love it! Well except that starting "cheeka cha ha ha" part):

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