Tuesday, November 04, 2008

There Is Something Big Going On Today Isn't There?

Vote! For Americans, go VOTE! For the rest of us. Vote here!

Interesting results.

BTW, I took this photo of Avenue Q's billboard in the summer in New York (and was reminded that I had one by this post). Gotta love the Q folks!

Who the heck is the 11.5 % voting for McCain in Canada?

Apparently Albania, Venezuela and Macedonia are big McCain fans. Everybody else? Not so much.

I am kind of sad that Tina Fey will no longer be doing Sarah Palin anymore. If there was one bright spot about Palin, it's that Tina Fey got to play her and make us laugh ridiculously from the spot on impressions and the ridiculousness of the real campaign.

Though, I watched the SNL "special" last night which was just a recap of all the best political sketches but I'm guessing it will still do better than Heroes, but since I missed a lot of those sketches, some were still a first for me. Still, it was kind of a cheap ploy on NBC's part.

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