Monday, November 10, 2008

No More Spoilers for So You Think You Can Dance Canada

Hello readers, (UPDATE BELOW)

So I'm no longer doing the spoilers on Monday night because my friend that gives them to me was stopped at the show and apparently we aren't allowed to post them on the blog and I just checked and there's an email in the junk folder from CTV's legal division (though no one was answering back this afternoon). They claimed that something is said at the beginning of the live show but I guess my friend misses it everytime since he usually goes for rush and is brought in at the last minute and apparently others in line who had done rush agreed that they've never actually heard someone say "not to blog" or seen any signs or signed any papers but I'll take it they did and we just missed it. (And yes, there is rush. And at this point apparently, everyone who shows up gets in even though it's not guaranteed (see below for details), unless you get stopped for blogging apparently (despite this, this, this, though mainly from someone I won't link to so not to get that person in trouble either but yeah, it's all up and the taping isn't even done yet! Hilarious!)

So sorry to all and to the show, I think I saw things way differently then they did and thought we were just excited fans helping promote the show just like the US version Monday spoilers but apparently they are none too happy with it at CTV. So even though I love the dancers and I love the show and think its well produced and all, and I thought we were keeping the buzz and discussions going all week and reminding people to watch every Wednesdays night and considering the whole blog is essentially an unpaid promo to all the TV shows being recommended (see sidebar), it is probably not worth getting sued over or whatever they want since it's not exactly like I'm raking it in for this blog. Guess I'll find out when I get in contact with the legal department that is apparently chasing me down.

Oh well, funny how the Canadian networks work with blogs so differently than in the states where other bloggers in the states have gotten tickets to the show, the tour and backstage passes while a fellow Toronto blogger here (who is much bigger than I am too) says he's virtually ignored by all the Canadian networks even though he gets tons of stuff and access to the American stuff.

Apparently I can still do my binocular spoilers since it's just something seen from the streets but again they don't love the idea but they can't stop it apparently (at least they themselves admitted that at the studios today).

So I'll ask you readers, do you generally like spoilers or does it ruin the show for you? (Poll is on the sidebar)

It's funny how intentions are seen very differently. I figure it's buzz through the weekend to keep people interested until the next week, they just see it as spoiling it for viewers (um, except people don't have to read or even come to my blog (usually found by googling spoilers) just as viewers don't have to watch anything they don't want to, an argument usually brought up by TV folks when they air questionable stuff).

Of course at this point, I don't know what I can say about CTV and how much stuff I can freely promote for them since I don't want to get in trouble and personally I would love to work with them and support them but apparently I'll find out where the line is drawn. Too bad since you may have noticed that I shill for CTVglobemedia a lot, especially for someone who doesn't work for them.

So again, sorry to the readers for spoiling the show for them, sorry to CTV, call me naive but we thought we were helping them out by being super excited about the show and trying to get everyone else super excited about the show and talking about the show any which way, but apparently not.

UPDATE: So the CTV lawyer was way nicer than I thought he would be and totally understood where we were coming from and what my actual intentions were for the show (excited superfan trying to promote the show as opposed to someone trying to damage it) and so no, we won't be sued or anything and in fact he said he would get me invited back to the show if we were to attend again (even though we can't go anymore anyways). The binocular spoilers still are unclear since he didn't seem to have a problem with it because it's something seen from a public place but he's not sure what the producers like it or can do anything about it either (he seemed more to be calling on behalf of them than actually trying to grill me and sue me). Still, more understanding about the mix up than I thought he would be.

Also, read on the message boards that we are lying about not hearing the whole spiel about not posting anything about the show but honestly, we've never heard it but I sort of deduced that since we get rushed in at the last minute everytime fom the rush line, we probably get there after everything has been said (like the bobbing knee thing which the first time I was like, what the heck? I had to ask those around me what that was all about).


Due to the OVERWHELMING demand for tickets to the very first season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada, we are answering the call to fans by creating a Rush Line at our taping location!

If you did not receive a call back to confirm your tickets, come on down to Showline Harbourside Studios at 915 Lake Shore Blvd. East in Toronto and hop in our rush line. We tape every Monday and Thursday until December 4th. Arrive to the line by 5pm at the latest and sign up with the audience usher tending the line.

Please be advised that tickets are not guaranteed to any or all members of the Rush Line, and will only be given as room becomes available in the studio. "

Though apparently group dances are filmed at 3pm on Wednesdays actually. So not sure when you have to arrive by.


Julia said...

That's so sad, I really liked the spoilers! Specially cause I'm from Brazil and it kind of takes some time for people to upload the show (I think CTV won't be that happy about that too) and it jkills me not now what happenned on the show.

And it doesn't spoil it for me because it's really tough to describe dance, so even when I read your comments I don't know exactly what will happen.

CW said...

I love the spoilers!! And it does not deter me from watching the show in the least - it does the exact opposite. I get so excited after reading your opinions and can't wait to judge for myself. Especially if you don't like one of my favs (hasn't happened often since they are Allie and Nico). I hope this doesn't put you off posting about the show because honestly I love it. It was the reason I first started reading your blog and now I find myself checking back everyday and devouring everything you post. Loves it!

Vance said...

Hey thanks again for all the support! I was made to feel like I did something totally wrong and stupid (the producer even said I should be smart enough to know better, essentially calling me a dumbass) but all the support on all the msg boards and even the lawyer made me feel better and that it was all just a differing opinion on how we saw things. Anyways, I'm moving on and sadly Im just going to avoid annoying the producers any more since thats what they want, even though I too think it only helps the show (and hilariously, so did the lawyer who again, seemed WAY more understanding about it all than I would expect and that I think the producers would want him to).

but thanks to everyone for reading and the support! Im ready to move on and all.