Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jesse McCartney Acts Up Again

Jesse McCartney is on Law & Order: SVU tonight (NBC/CTV at 10pm). I'm such a sucker. I SOOOO want to see this!

Is it me or are the kids from Summerland doing better than we would have guessed back when the show was on?

Ryan Kwanten (NSFW) is doing pretty well on True Blood. Jesse McCartney (above with Kwanten from Summerland) has some hits on the radio, and then there's that Zac Efron dude. He doesn't seem to be in the unemployment line.


Dame James said...

Ugh, I just got done watching this only for Jesse McCartney and it was such a complete waste of time! If I wanted to hear bad Noo Yawk accents, I would have just turned on West Side Story. No wonder I never watch this show. But Jesse was good!

Vance said...

Okay, I just watched it. I love the salaciousness of this show. It doesn't even try to hide the ripped from the headlines and disguise it a bit.

Jesse was great! totally intense! Like he had to prove he's not a teeny bopper singing songs like "Leavin'" even though he should feel no shame for that! And I knew he did it! I didn't realize Debi Mazar and Michael Balducco was in the ep too though! Awesome!

Okay, so I'm done my procedurals quota for the week now!