Monday, November 03, 2008

Gossip Girl - Jenny From Almost the Cell Block

Gossip Girl - There Might be Blood - Ep. 209

I'm confused. So Blair and Serena end up babysitting for a Yale donor's daughter yet the little spoiled rich horny brat Emma is excited when Serena lends Emma her closet? Didn't her mother just donate tons of money to Yale. Wouldn't it mean Emma is rich? Why would she be excited especially when she was so unimpressed with anything else?

Anyways, details details. Why am I obsessing over a minor plot point when you have Blair about to blackmail Emma's mother (when she of COURSE catches the mother making out with someone other than Emma's father) to get into Yale? And how is it that this show can turn someone wonderfully salacious and overdramatic and STILL manage to put some heart into the story when Blair ends up bonding with Emma against a larger worse foe.

The story sort of comes from nowhere and gives Serena little to do except to follow Blair around with a voice of reason, and Chuck is set up to help Blair trick Emma before the bonding begins but alas, Blair will eventually get the reference she needs to land Yale and Leighton Meester really deserves more credit than she gets for her role here.

Jenny decides to take over an event to showcase her designs but finds out at the event that it's in honour of Lily and Bart Bass for their philantrophy work. Lily, the one person who has been nice to Jenny. Still, Jenny is going for it with Nate's support all while Dan, Rufus and Vanessa are out to stop her.

Still, Jenny in her Gen Y Me state decides to go with the takeover and hijacks the black tie event with her ugly ass designs (which resembled nothing like the better stuff she had at Eleanor's) and it brings her fame, Lily's approval and a furious Rufus who tries to get his daughter arrested. Poor Rufus. His spoiled daughter is going to get more famous than he did.

And Dan sees this and the hits keep coming, finally deciding to have some balls to write that piece on Chuck and finally send it in.

Meanwhile, gossip girl knows about Nate and Jenny which makes Dan throw Nate out and Vanessa jealous of Jate (Natenny?). I'd feel bad if I actually liked Vanessa and while I liked her with Nate, I think it's because of the Nate half of the equation. Meanwhile, this all lets Chace Crawford look more sullen and confused giving Nate the perfect poor little no-longer-rich boy look with his trademark swoopy bangs all which constitutes his "acting" and yet it all works to make me feel sorry for him. Hey Nate, I'll take you in and make you feel better!

So in the end, Dan sends in his bio-essay of Chuck. Rufus is disappointed in his ambitious kids. Nate is off in the streets? (Sadly his bro-bond with Dan was cut short) and Jenny is off... in the streets? And not together because Jenny is choosing Vanessa over Nate (what the?)? Why so broody, people? Just smile (especially you Nate! That was precious (if not rare)) folks and be happy! Look at Serena and Blair? They finally worked together and got everything they wanted!


Dame James said...

I totally agree with you that Leighton Meester deserves more credit than she gets. She always finds a twisted way of making us root for her in her destruction of other people to get what she wants. I find myself excited beyond belief whenever she gets the chance to blackmail/get revenge on someone. Her thank you to God for letting her catch that woman having an affair was absolutely brilliant.

Did you find that the Jenny/Nate romance came out of nowhere? A couple of weeks ago he was all over Vanessa and the Duchess and, suddenly, he's into Jenny? Say what?

Vance said...

Most of the romances come from nowhere that I can barely keep up anymore! I'm still waiting on the Dan/Nate romance though. Personally, they can jump into that ANY TIME THEY want.

jlee said...

isn't jenny only 15 years old on the show and nate is 20-something? not that I'm an ageist or anything but c'mon.

jlee said...

oh wait, I take back my last comment. I guess they're all still in high school? I seriously have to watch this amazing show.