Saturday, November 29, 2008

On Holidays

Apologies on the lack of posts lately and none since American Thanksgiving but the internet went down where I'm staying (and I think the whole block because I could formerly see 20-25 wifi hotspots and now I see 3 and they're all locked of course) and Im guessing since it's the holidays here, no one is complaining or fixing it.

Well, that and I've been too busy around New York still but I'll be back just in time to catch up with So You Think You Can Dance Canada before the final performance night on Wednesday and then I'll have to catch up on my TV commentaries (last week's blindsiding of Randy on Survivor was AWESOME, Dan and Andrew may be the funniest annoying team on The Amazing Race with their "marching" making up for being so annoyingly stupid, I'm sad that Team Rainbow is dropping like flies on Top Chef, Chuck's been just so good, Grey's Anatomy is relying WAY too much on the ever popular Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a reminder that the show was at its best during the second season, naked Barney and Ted on HIMYM was both horrifyingly funny and horrifyingly hot (well, mainly NPH), I forgot to mention my joy of seeing Hannah (Sarah Drew from Everwood as well as Mad Men) on Privileged. Too bad she turned out to be a bitch. Worst Week actually went through with the wedding and it was HILARIOUS etc. etc. etc...)

Plus I'll have reviews of all the shows I've seen here soon (I hope, along with the other shows I saw before coming to New York) including Equus, All My Sons, Speed-The-Plow, Dividing the Estate, Wig Out, Streamers, Pal Joey, 13, Shrek, A Man For All Seasons, The Sound of Music, Ivanov, 6 Characters in Search of an Author, Black Watch, The Seagull, Billy Elliot, In the Heights plus a review of the new cast of Spring Awakening!

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving weekend to our US friends, and... happy random weekend in Canada and the rest of the world to everyone else!

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Daemon's TV said...

Equus, as in Daniel Radcliffe Equus? Well, I want to hear all about that! :-)

But more seriously, I am really curious to know if he does a good job. I wish I could go see it. Have fun while you're there!