Monday, November 10, 2008

Saving Face - Gossip Girl and The Amazing Race

Gossip Girl - Bonfire of the Vanity - Ep. 210

OMG. Eleanor has a boyfriend! And while Blair is excited for a possible new hunky daddy, he turns out to be less a Cary Grant and more "Danny Devito". In fact, his name is Cyrus Rose and he's played by the awesomeness of Wallace Shawn!

And thank goodness for his presence because Kaitlin Willa Holland's guest role is wearing as thin as the cheap materials she's wearing. Which is too bad because I liked her as Kaitlin Cooper (on The OC) but as bad girl Agnes and her attempts to run Jenny's new career, Willa is getting plain annoying. As spoiled as Jenny is, I just wanted her to punch Agnes in the face when she went all pyro on Jenny's designs.

I'm also not quite buying the hotness of the photographer Aaron Rose (who happens to be the son of Cyrus) in love with Serena since he's looking a bit dirty so it's hard to feel sorry for S when she's all down about him ignoring her. Even though they aren't "dating". And she knows that. But she wants to. But not. Whatever.

Love Chuck begging Dan not to print the inflamatory story on Bart Bass' past but that was still not as good as Cyndi Lauper showing up at Blair's party on Cyrus' request just as Blair spilled his secret to Eleanor.

"I wanted a Harry Winston choker and instead got a conscience" - Blair.

Except Cyrus was playing Blair with the Cyndi Lauper card just as much as Blair was manipulating him. Go Wallace!

Blair and Cyrus, respected manipulators. Who would have thought?

The Amazing Race - Please Hold Me While I Singe My Skull, My Nose Is on Fire - Ep. 1306-1307

I keep flipping back from hating Ken and Tina (who turned into Elphaba this week) to... well... not quite loving them but not hating them at least. At least not like Terrence who is the most frazzled "zen" man ever.

but yay! Karma bit back and the divorcees are gone! The ex-husbands got lucky!

At this point, it's obvious that Nick and Star and Dallas and Toni are the most likable teams to root for (and it helps that Nick and Dallas are quite cute AND seem like good people) but I did like the divorcees as a good nemesis. Added some drama. Annoying drama but some drama.

Now we have the even more unlikable Terrence or the stupid frat boys (seriously, how many times did they do the wire challenge before they were finally TOLD what the answer was?).

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Dame James said...

I can't believe Blair got out-schemed! How does this happen?!