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It Was A Good Week - Privileged, Bones, Ugly Betty, 30 Rock and More

It was a really good week in TV. Really good. First Obama wins! Then there were EXCELLENT episodes of Privileged, Bones, Ugly Betty, 30 Rock, The Office, How I Met Your Mother and more.

So I'm going to give you limericks for each show! Not great ones but limericks nonetheless! (I have no idea why. Just go with it)

Privileged - All About the Haves and the Have-Nots, All About Defining Yourself - Ep. 107-108

Megan tutors spoiled brats Sage and Rose
then she met hottie Will and froze
but she's best friends with Charlie
who is really rad and gnarly
I'm wondering who shes going to chose.

(okay, so that didn't quite work, hehe)

No matter how much they are going to play this whole Charlie thing, I still love it and Michael Cassidy always belongs on screen and his chemistry with JoAnna Garcia as Megan is just one of many things that makes this show work so well. Again, Ashley Newbrough and Lucy Kate Hale are terrific as Sage and Rose and I'm loving that Rose wants to go to university and discovering that she may have to go on her own, and that it might just be okay.

The Laurel secret that Megan has on her is a nice twist which now gives all the cards to Megan. Love that she doesn't even think of using it for evil but Laurel just assumes she does. Gives this show the drama it needs while keeping Megan's integrity and the show's honest-to-feelgoodness fluffy vibe.

Bones - The Crank in the Shaft, The He in the She, The Skull in the Sculpture - Eps. 405-407

I always forget how good this show is
investigating dead people is totally not mis
the show is funny and sweet
the mysteries are neat
now when are Bones and Booth going to kiss?

Just AGAIN, remind me NEVER to watch this show while I EAT. Why Do I ALWAYS watch this show while I'm eating? The body in the elevator was gross. The transgendered storyline with the punky son who preaches to the outsiders actually made me a little teary. But nothing was as good as the return of Bones from the Baseball hiatus with a body in an "art" sculpture while Angela is still reeling from her relationships. Love that everyone is going to Sweets and loved when he finally opens up and publicly kissed Daisy after she got fired for being annoying.

More limericks on Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, 30 Rock, Survivor Gabon, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Worst Week after the jump:

Ugly Betty - Crush'd - Ep. 307

Amanda moves in with Ugly Betty
but kisses Jesse because she's really slutty
Wily and Danny fight over Connor
neither win because he's a man of honour
While Marc proposes to Cliff yet is not ready.

Look, I'm doing these limerick on a whim here and spending about 3 minutes on each. Give me a break.

I'm LOVING the recent Ugly Betty's. Everything seems to flow, all the characters are getting enough time to vamp around (except again, we could always use a bit more Justin who again, nails his few lines he's given). Seriously, just loving it all right now!

Also, considering Val Emmich is really trying to be a musician, he sure is getting some choice roles on TV, going from the awesomeness that is 30 Rock (Gay for Jamie) to his role here now. And now he even gets to sing.

Love that both Wily and Betty are bonding over lost crushes. Even better is America Ferrera's look of hesitance when Wily asks her to join her.

I did NOT see Marc's proposal to Cliff coming. THAT was a hilarious little twist especially after his one night stand. Meanwhile, it was nice to see Amanda actually open up and be human, despite being beautiful! Love that she's still eating everything in sight and running to the cake as soon as it comes out.

Grey's Anatomy - Life During Wartime, Rise Up - Ep. 506-507

There once was a doctor named Hahn
Who was the best of any actress that can.
But then she was let go
because she's a lesbo
Too bad because the show was getting good again.

While the season is going well so far, the little news item of Brooke Smith's firing puts a damper on the show that is still rebuilding from Isaiah (which coincided with stupid storyline decisions). Smith was one of the best actresses on the terrific show and the Hahn-Callie lesbian storyline actually seemed well rounded and fascinating so while apparently Shonda Rhimes didn't make this decision, I'm wondering if it IS all ABC or not, especially since this is the same network that has Kevin and Scotty on Brothers & Sisters and Ugly Betty with Marc, Justin and transgendered Alexis and Dirty Sexy Money with transgendered Candis Cayne. Seriously a non-threatening love story between two women is the LEAST controversial of them all?

Since we've barely seen Bailey this episode, this now leaves Sandra Oh as the best actress on the show (I'm actually a Heigl fan but I agree with her, they've given her very little to do since Denny died, which is probably why they brought him back this week. I wonder what Jeffrey Dean Morgan gets paid to show up so we can ogle him?) but so far she's just there to steal Lexie's dead bodies and fight for every surgery possible.

The Office - Customer Survey - Ep. 506

Pam and Jim are constantly on their bluetooth phone
pretending to work like a good office drone
but Kelly is mad
because Dwight and Jim were bad
so no mugs, while Michael is now all alone.

I don't know why but I was highly attracted to Rich Sommers (Mad Men) in this episode here. But yeah, isn't Pam's time up in New York? Wasn't this a three month gig?

30 Rock - Believe in the Stars - Ep. 302

Oprah is on 30 Rock!
I have nothing here to mock
the show does it already all too well
Liz goes crazy and all goes to hell
Tracy paints himself in chalk.

Liz meets Oprah on a flight. Would Oprah even fly commercial? I would think she could have her own plane airline. Did Liz just say the words "Bowel movements" to Oprah? That is so wrong.

Then again, I think I would act as big of a fool as Liz did if I ever met god Oprah. Even though she's going to be my future BFF.

Jenna goes blackface while Tracy goes white in a ladies wig. But in the end, Jack points out it's the white man that has it hardest. Kenneth gets cable while Liz is Princess Leia in court. Seriously, what the heck is going on here? Yet it's ALL HILARIOUS!

Survivor: Gabon - It All Depends on the Pin-Up Girl, Apple in the Garden of Eden - Ep. 1706-1707

There once was a team that was smart
but now teams are being split apart
Marcus and Charlie are no longer together
poor Matty is like, "finally, whatever"
cause he finally wins one so that's a start!

And yet, there still is a DUMB team. Wow. Kenny, Crystal and Suzie vote off the hunkalicious Marcus (well, not in his current state with those early mutton chops but we knew he looked good before) leaving a WEAK WEAK team. Man, I hope they stay in their current teams for another few weeks. See them hurt a little more.

The Big Bang Theory - The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem - Ep. 206

Sheldon finds himself a girlfriend stalker
who everyone thinks is an annoying talker
he doesn't see it at all
enjoying the attention from the doll
until he finds himself a new gawker.

How I Met Your Mother - Happily Ever After - Ep. 406

Stella is definitely out of Ted's life
I guess she isn't "the one" wife
the gang look back at their past
to see relationships that didn't last,
is it wrong to laugh at their strife?

I think Robin's hockey dad (and none other than Eric "Y & R VICTOR" Braeden) was the funniest of the flashbacks.

Worst Week - Ep. 102, The Club, The Ring - Ep. 105-106

This show is funnier than you think
everytime Sam fumbles, you drink
the stories are unbelievable
like the ring that's irretrievable
yet this show never lets its stories sink.

Watching the much fought over gazebo get destroyed was painfully funny. Watching Sam accidentally wipe the ugly wedding dress with a poopy diaper was painfully funny. Watching Melanie secretly mouth "thank you" as mother Angela and Grandma June look on in horrow was priceless.

Speaking of which, Olympia Dukakis plays grandma June. How awesome is Olympia Dukakis? From Steel Magnolias to being Mrs. Madrigal (in the Tales of the City series), this woman will forever remain in my heart!

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Dame James said...

I'm loving Privileged as well but this week's episode left me a little cold. The main problem for me was Laurel and, namely, Anne Archer's performance. I just do not understand this woman and that scene at the end when Megan admits what she found was completely awful. Archer kept bouncing around from sympathetic to evil to suspicious throughout the entire conversation. In the end, I really have no idea how she felt about the whole thing and whether or not she believes she'll use that against her.