Friday, November 21, 2008


Maybe it's a good thing I'm behind in my TV blogging because after hearing about the results from SYTYCD Canada last night, and that ABC is cancelling Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and (slightly less surprsingly) Dirty Sexy Money, I'm hopping mad.

Seriously Canada. WTF? ARASSAY??? and VINCENT??? with Lisa in the bottom 2 as well?

And Pushing Daisies? I think I'm going to cry.


jeremy said...

Oh man! Arassay was one of my favorites!!!! That totally blows.

Dame James said...

Dear ABC,

In the words of someone wiser than us both, "Boo you whore!" Pushing Daisies is the second best show on your network (I love my ladies of Wysteria Lane, what can I say?) and you just cancel it like that? For shame! Why can't you be like NBC and actually take some risks on your critically lauded shows?