Tuesday, November 04, 2008

iPod Music Playlist - Radio Rock-fort Cheese

Because watching the numbers going back and forth is totally nerve racking, I'm throwing this totally frivolous post to distract myself and anybody else who doesn't want to see a lot of red tonight and will wait until blue prevails!

So, there's a few songs that I hated after hearing it for the first time but now I LOVE THEM. (Basically, nothing we all haven't heard about a hundred times on the radio already, so like nothing obscure). And most of them are as cheesy as Roquefort cheese ("a white, crumbly and slightly moist, with distinctive veins of green mould. It has characteristic odor and flavor with a notable taste of butyric acid; the green veins provide a sharp tang. The overall flavor sensation begins slightly mild, then waxes sweet, then smoky, and fades to a salty finish" Oh yum!)

The Killers - "Human" - LOVE this song now! The Killers are back in my good books again! I don't think I've been this excited about them since I saw them at the Koolhaus.

The Killers - Human
Uploaded by The-Killers

David Cook - "Light On" - This can't take away from Archuleta's mind-numbingly awesome crack-addict "Crush" song but I'm slowly getting addicted to actual winner David Cook's first new single.

Gavin Rossdale - "Love Remains The Same" - I keep forgetting it's not a band that sings this, let alone a bad one (I keep thinking this is a Staind song), yet there's something about Mr. Gwen Stefani that makes the croony melted cheese rock just enjoyable enough as Brie.

Lady Gaga - "Poker Face" - Maybe this works better in a club full of hot boys but it's dance cheese like a tangy havarti ready to party (wow. THAT was bad!).

Beyonce - "If I Were A Boy" - Okay, I loved this from moment I heard this. Odd since I'm not a HUGE Beyonce fan. I just always feel like singing with my fists pulling down yearning for something when I hear this song.

Ne-yo - "Miss Independent" - The lyrics are total cheese but I LOVE that beat with the doot doot doot part. He get's points for sticking Gabrielle Union in the video too!

Nickleback - "Gotta Be Somebody" - The kings of rock-fort cheese (think of the french "fort") are back with a song that I keep bopping to in the car. Oy, that's like the second Nickleback song I've liked in 2 years now. I really need to go on a diet.

Jesse McCartney - "It's Over" - May rival David Archuleta for pubescent teen love cheese (even though I know Jesse is technically all grown up now) but damn, let these two cuties fight it out if they can keep churning out pop cheese like this.

Finally, I may as well throw this up again, since I'm seriously ADDICTED:
David Archuleta - "Crush" - My Top cheese pick this year!

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Linz McC said...

Funny, I just told Sean last night how much I liked the new Killers stuff. I adored Hot Fuss but wasn't crazy at all about the last album. Here's hoping this is their return to glory...

Now I need to go check out all the other vids you posted.