Wednesday, February 04, 2009

90210 - Who Knew Texas and Toronto Would Meet in Beverly Hills?

(Hey wait, Linz, we should have met up in Beverly Hills!)

90210 - Help Me, Rhonda - Epa. 115

Degrassi:TNG and Friday Night Lights already have a lot of similarities. Now the worlds collide together with Aimee Teegarden (below) guest starring on 90210 and colliding with Shenae Grimes (above). Both who played the sort of virginal good girl wanting to go bad on their earlier shows.

Aimee seems particularly cute and super young (like, younger than she seems on Friday Night Lights) as Rhonda, the guy Ethan crashes into and now is playing nurse duty from the guilt. It's a cute story. Not much of one, but I'll take it for Aimee and Dustin Milligan playing cute. At least it's not annoying like most of the rest of this show.

Navid tries to forget about preggers and meets a cute Indian chick, and preggers is all soulful and repentant about her past and ready to accept her baby with babydaddy but babydaddy and babydaddy's mommy pretend to be accepting but instead want her signed, sealed, and delivered to some compound in the desert. So then preggers meanymom comes to defend preggers. And all is well... yawn...

There were other stories apparently but I was just waiting for Matt Lanter to show up but apparently that's next week. Here's why I'm excited for his appearance.

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