Thursday, February 05, 2009

Re: Quest

Considering my obsession with So You Think You Can Dance, I'm not sure why I never got into America's Best Dance Crew. I've tried in previous seasons but maybe it's because the "Randy Jackson Presents" that precedes the title makes me want to vomit.

But check this out, especially the move at the 1:20ish mark, and remember, they are BLINDFOLDED:

I've been actually watching intermittently this season (it's 3rd, Really? I've watched and dismissed 2 previous seasons already?) probably because the team Quest Crew (above) has SYTYCD alums Ryan, Hok and D-Trix, and I'm slowly getting sucked in and really enjoying Lil Mama and Shane Sparks comments. Even JC Chasez isn't a total douchebag.

Plus Napoleon and Tabitha are involved too apparently!

The Ringmasters (or whatever those freaky dudes are called) had a good performance with the whole "Circus" thing last week but I really don't think I can stand watching their body contortion moves anymore. I'm kind of sad that Team Millennia.

I think after Quest Crew (above, go ASIANS!), I liked Strikers All-Stars.

Dynamic Edition (above), the cloggers, fascinate me and I'm kind of rooting for them as underdogs, as strange as they were dancing to Britney Spears' "Stronger". The girls totally looked like White Chicks (as Shane mentioned) but the pre-twink lone boy in the group totally intrigues me and I want him to do well so that he doesn't get beat up when he goes back to school.

I want to root for the all-girl groups and I liked the Beat Freaks last week but I thought the Fly Khicks were kind of ho-ey (how DO you spell that? hoee? hoey?).

By the way, for Canadians, you can watch the above linked clips on the Much Music site (where it airs whenever they seem to want since I'm still never sure when it's actually on) though I think it's only in full episode format. Which means you have to deal with Mario Lopez hosting.

I'm still not sure how I feel about his hosting skills. He has a charm about him but I could totally do without him on this show and it would still work.

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