Sunday, February 15, 2009

Down and Out - Eastbound & Down - Pilot Review

Here's my 2 minute review for HBO's new series Eastbound & Down starring Danny McBride (Tropic Thunder) which premieres tonight at 10:30pm.

Some people are going to love this show. Some people are going to be offended by this show. Some people are going to find it mildly amusing but without enough of true hilarity, biting satire, or emotional heart to truly draw in repeat viewings.

I fall into the last category. Danny McBride plays a has-been down and out ex-bad-boy-baseball player returning to his hometown because he has nowhere else to go. He stays with his older brother's family (John Hawkes, Jennifer Irwin and kids) and gets a job as a substitute gym teacher at the local high school where his old flame, her new fiance and some old classmates, now work. And he's a jerk to them all.

Hilarity should ensue. Or comeuppance should ensue. Or something that should be more than a Trailer Park Boys episode but alas, it teeters on trying to be emotionally dark and bad-ass vulgar, yet never really satisfies in either aspect, and I kept watching not minding what I was seeing but with no desire to watch on further.

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