Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Casting Couch - Aaron Tveit and Chris Pratt

Aaron Tveit is going to be Nate Archibald's cousin Tripp Vanderbilt! Aaron is having a good day! Having been nominated last night for a Helen Hayes Theatre Award for Next to Normal and now a 2 episode arc on Gossip Girl! As I've noted before, the guy is going to be a star (and still rumoured to be the lead in the upcoming Catch Me If You Can musical). Too bad he can't sing on Gossip Girl. His voice is phenomenal.

Say what you want about Gossip Girl, but at least it's been pretty good at casting talent from the theatre world. (Word is Matt Doyle's role of Eric's boyfriend will get slightly bigger in an upcoming ep.)


Chris Pratt is joining Parks and Recreation! (The new Amy Poehler/Rashida Jones show from The Office people!)

LOVE Chris Pratt. Ever since Everwood (one of my favorite shows of all time btw), the guy has managed to grow beyond the initial dumb jock vibe and has been comic gold. His two scenes in Wanted are hilarious, and even managed to lighten up The OC (as a hippie dippie tree hugger). Pratt will play Rashida Jones unemployed musician boyfriend!

On one of my side tangent notes, I'm noticing that Pratt, from my #1 show of 2006, is now joining the new show from the creators of my #2 show of 2006!

I never got around to posting this and since then, everyone's already posted it, but whatever, here it is again, the Super Bowl teaser commercial for Parks and Recreation! Can't wait! Though no word on an air date yet:

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