Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost - Mental BLocke

Lost - The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham - Eps. 507




I'm going to have to watch this again in the morning.

And how did I not hear about Walt's reappearance this week? As Locke goes visits him as his New York. Loved when undead Locke went to visit Hurley at the funny farm and Hurley thinks he's talking to a ghost and then freaks out when he realizes Locke's for real!

Alas, so Locke was going to kill himself? Then Ben talks him out of it? Then Ben kills him at the mention of Eloise Hawking. I'm intrigued. Shocked. But intrigued.

Loved that the show started with Locke having been amongst the survivors Ilana and Ceasar, who later reveals they remembered seeing a fat curly haired guy and others disappear just before the crash.

Meanwhile, Locke falling from the well just as the white timetravel flash appears, then wakes up to see Charles Widmore? Man I'm confused.

But loving every moment of it.

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