Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm Moving Into The Greek House or Melrose Place

Aw crap. I was going to totally ignore the new desperate plea Melrose Place remake for The CW, especially after this year's 90210 turned out so blah (then again, the original was too, but it is getting a leeeettle better).

But now they go and cast Michael Rady from Swingtown (with the original MP Jake, Grant Show) and more importantly, Greek!

AND, after JUST watching the promos (below) for the new season of Greek, Michael Rady WILL return as geeky Max, Casey's new boyfriend (still!) which of course puts a damper on things for Cappie! Awesome!

The new season of Greek will start Monday, March 30th at 8pm on abcFamily once The Secret Life of the American Teenager finishes its (AWESOME) season.

Plus, Jesse McCartney will join the cast for 6 episodes! Check out the new promo that uses his video "How Do You Sleep":

Here's another promo trailer for Season 3 (is it? Or is it S2 Part 2? I can never get it straight for this show):

As for the new Melrose Place being directed by Davis Guggenheim, "On the project, penned by "Smallville" exec producers/co-showrunners Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer, Rady" (who was also the hot greek guy in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie series) "will play Jonah Miller, a cute and quirky 25-year-old aspiring filmmaker who makes his living as a videographer of weddings and bar mitzvahs for the rich and famous after moving to Los Angeles with his fiancee a year ago. Apparently it's the "Billy" (Andrew Shue) role.

I will say this about the new Melrose Place. I have been saying that there needs to be a show about 20somethings post-university trying to break out into the real world, cause there hasn't been something like that in a while now (the last show that really felt like that, Felicity, wasn't even about post-uni). I know Gossip Girl FEELS like it but if you remember, they're technically only in high school. The Secret Life of the American Teenager has the high school part pegged, Greek has the college part pegged, but now we need a dramatic soapier version of How I Met Your Mother and MP could fill the void.

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TP said...

Hmmm ... can't decide what I think about a Melrose remake, but what a guilty pleasure it was back then. Perhaps I'll hold out hope. Hot guys always help ...