Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Not Me, It's The Movie - He's Just Not That Into You - Movie Review

I went with the girls (and one hot straight husband/buddy (sigh... story of my life) in our group) to watch He's Just Not That Into You. And... as much as I want to say I just was not that into it, I can't. It wasn't great. Don't get me wrong. But it wasn't awful either. Just more disappointing...

Anyways, like the movie, here's some of my random thoughts in no particular order or cohesion:

I have no problems with large ensemble movies with meandering stories that only slightly connect, so I have no problem with the actual structure of the movie, I just wish they wrote every scene more precisely and tightly since there's no time to waste to get to every character. The movie should have been tighter. Each scene played too long and episodic. The way it was written and directed, it probably should have been a TV show instead. (Director Ken Kwapis is mostly known for directing and producing The Office, Malcolm in the Middle and The Bernie Mac Show).

They were lucky to get such a starry cast to fill the characters that were devoid of character. This allowed them to have a shorthand to use for their benefit.

Scarlett Johansson is sexy and sultry.

Bradley Cooper is hot yet approachable.

Kevin Connolly is adorable and lovable.

Drew Barrymore is adorable and lovable.

Yup, that's about all the acting that's required here.

I didn't believe a single thing between the scenes with Ginnifer Goodwin and Justin Long, and the only reason their scenes still worked was because it felt like it was carried over as a reunion from Ed. As if Warren and Diane grew up, moved to the city, got cynical, and then re-met each other. Their real life working relationship is the main reason their scenes still work, because as written, Goodwin's character is too one-dimensional and deluded (to an unrealistic degree), while Long's character is just a convenient plot device.

I don't mind that the movie plunders every love and relationship cliche, mainly, because sadly I could relate far too well, but the endings, while expected, were still somewhat betrayals of its own logic.

Love the two black ladies being interviewed. The others could have been shorter and more precise.

Drew Barrymore had very few scenes and some of the better lines. Convenient considering she's a co-exec producer. Just something I noticed. The myspace reference is now dated, but the rest generally worked. And the gays (Wilson Cruz, Leonardo Nam, Rod Keller), while cliched, were still kinda hilarious and welcomed.

While I don't hate Ben Affleck, he didn't really add anything to the role. Also, whoever lighted Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly and Drew Barrymore should be shot, because they looked quit horrid and blanched out.

Loved the cast (and basically the main reason I saw it and from my guess, the main reason most people are seeing it), but I could see that Cameron Diaz might have been better suited (and mined the comedy more) as any of the girl. Any. That's how indistinctive each character is. And again, anybody could have replaced Affleck.

I wish the movie was as funny as the "10 Chick Flick Cliches You Won't Find In" on the He's Just Not That Into You website (click "Men") or here on youtube. Which sort of proves that Kevin Connolly, Justin Long and Bradley Cooper really need to work together again, and preferably in the same scene this time.

I know, the movie is far more dramatic than advertised, but more of Kevin Connolly in gay shirts, or... well, that was probably the funniest thing in the movie actually.

In the end, the movie actually should have been quite good, or at least better than it is right now. I wasn't disappointed though, but mainly because I had little expectation, but I wasn't thrilled about the movie either. On the other hand, I wasn't mad that I paid to see this movie. I strangely still enjoyed it, even though I knew it could have been so much better. The audience (and it was a full house for a weekday evening, so I'm assuming this is going to still do really well) seemed to laugh a lot more than I thought they would and general response seemed positive.

He's Just Not That Into You = C+ or 6/10

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