Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Does Chung Chung Sound Like With A British Accent?

Did I know about this?

Law & Order: UK? And with Harriet Walter (Atonement), Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica and my future husband) and Ben Daniels (the recent revival of Les Liasons Dangereuse on Broadway)? How did I not hear about this? (Or I actually think I did and then didn't think it was actually happening).

JAMIE BAMBER??!!!???!!!

Sadly, the British opening has a brand new theme without the famous "Chung CHUNG". Blasphemy!

I haven't watched the US version of Law & Order in quite some time now (I think I watched the SVU with Jesse McCartney recently, but you know, it was with Jesse McCartney!) but with Jamie Bamber, Ben Daniels and Harriet Walter, I'm SOOOO curious about this.

Plus for once, the Brits are stealing from America for show ideas now and not vice versa.

Here's some promotional pictures of Law & Order: UK
Ben Daniels, Bill Paterson and Freema Agyeman:

Jamie Bamber, Bradley Walsh and Harriet Walter:

Jamie Bamber, Harriet Walter and Bradley Walsh:

Harriet Walter, Jamie Bamber and Bradley Walsh:

Bradley Walsh and Jamie Bamber:

Jamie Bamber and Bradley Walsh:
Here's some more nice shots of Jamie Bamber. And here's another shirtless pic, this time for Peta:

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Unknown said...

This show may have been developed specifically for me. Law & Order AND British accents? I'm there.