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It's Been A Privilege To Watch - Privileged and Leverage

Barack was on TV but I didn't need to watch because a) I already believe, b) I'm already very smart with my money (aka, I'm cheap and a saver already and am very conscious about where I spend) and c) I think that the world is still going to implode economically some more before it's going to better so you better bunker down on your couch and ride it out in front of the TV to avoid going out for the next 2 years.

Now let's hope two terrific new shows this season, Privileged and Leverage will be back for more, because they are sure darned entertaining with a feelgood fantasy appeal that still hints of the hardships of realities. Just perfect for this economy! It's feelgood with intelligence!

Privileged - All About a Brand New You! - Eps. 118 - Season Finale

How awesome was the season finale!? (And let's hope not the series finale). While the Keith (David Monahan) and Marco (Allan Louis) intro, break up, make up and now wedding in the finale seemed a bit rushed, I guess Rina Mimoun wanted to make sure it got into the series. And love her for that!

But not only that, loved that they brought in the whole gay marriage debate into the mix and it wasn't all just perfect and fairytale like (which is what this show does best). Sage (Ashley Newbrough, one of this seasons best new discoveries) discovers that boyfriend Louis (Ignacio Serricchio) is NOT okay with Marco and Keith's wedding. Luis bows out of attending while Sage is intent on discussing the issues at hand. It was smart, genuine and Louis didn't seem totally villainous (despite Sage being SO right!).

Sage: "Most of the country thinks it's okay to wear miniskirts with cowboy boots but they're wrong" in response to Luis who thinks most of the country are against gay marriage like he is.

Plus, LOVED that Kathy Griffin played the wedding coordinator and brought her usual sass and snide to the role. She may be a redhead that loves the gays but she was taking no bull from the two bickering soon-to-be-married couple.

Meanwhile, while it's seems WAY too convenient that Megan's hot neighbour and now boyfriend Will (Brian Hallisay who has totally grown on me through the season) is so hot, her best friend Charlie was so hot (Michael Cassidy, though sadly no longer on the show), and now Will's editor boss David (Robert Buckley, adorable here playing it slightly nerdy and square) is so hot, it sure does make for an entirely enjoyable show, smart script or not!

Of course, how convenient that just after Megan (JoAnna Garcia, the heart and soul of this or any show she's on) breaks up with Will (who is working way too hard under perfectionist David), she meets a way-too-cute British random boy at the wedding and hooks up with him? Are there ANY ugly people in Megan's life? Love the "oh crap" that ends the season (in a "to be continued" screenflash). Just the way Megan says it was hilarious and I can't wait for next season!

So while Sage is debating with Louis over gay rights and the right thing to do and Sage learns a thing or two about standing up for herself, Rose is going camping. Zach (Dave Franco, here in his first show where I didn't want to stab him, and in fact here I want to hug him) is supportive but going number 2 in the forest is just not his thing. Still, the changes Rose has made in the past weeks (and in this first season) has been huge and she recognizes the journey she needs to take for herself. Love the empowerment of it all!

Oh, and Megan shows Laurel the first 100 pages of her biography and Laurel loves it!

So the fairytale continues but I so want to see what happens next! PLEASE let there be a season 2.

Leverage - The First David Job, the Second David Job - Eps. 112, 113 - Season Finale

I haven't seen every episode since my new cable doesn't get TNT, but they've been kind enough to send me some screeners with a few episodes and I've loved every one of them. Luckily they sent it to me too because I totally dismissed this show at first, but when I finally bunkered down to watch a couple of eps, I was totally surprised at how smart and clever the show was and how joyous and fun the premise of theives, stealing from baddies for the good poor people (like a modern day Robin Hood where the corporate world is now the bad guys (hence, totally perfect feelgood fodder for this economy))

Again, the fantastic cast of Timothy Hutton (Ordinary People), Gina Bellman (UK Coupling), Christian Kane (Angel), Beth Riesgraf (Without a Trace) and Aldis Hodge (Friday Night Lights) play the ragtag team of theives and the two-part finale finishes up with the overarching story of Hutton's Nathan Ford and his long running alcoholism due to the insurance company (and former employer) that screwed him over which killed his son.

Kari Matchett (Invasion) guests as Ford's ex-wife and the entanglements between Bellman's Sophie and Ford's past (both sexually and thievery) all come to fruition when the Leverage gang decide it's finally time to pull the ultimate revenge on the evil insurance company and their minions and it was convoluted and fantastic, all using an art heist at its core. There are probably far too many contrivances and convenient coincidences but the show is so zippy that it's all quite believable and fun to watch.

Like early Alias without the darkness and a slightly clearer evil nemesis. Such a fun show but thankfully, it has been renewed for a 2nd season already (with an order of 15 more episodes) and I can't wait!

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