Thursday, February 05, 2009

Catch Of The Day - Top Chef, Lost, and More

Top Chef - Le Bernardin - Eps. 511

I. LOVE Carla. So funny and delightful!

All those seafood dishes that Chef Eric Ripert from Le Bernardin looked SOOOOOOOOO GOOD. I'm SOOOO Hungry again.

Loved that the chefs had to recreate their seafood lunch dishes. And only told that AFTER the lunch.

What IS Escobar Escolar (thanks Michelle!)? Looked yummy though.

On a sidenote, I eat eel every once in a while but that quickfire challenge to deskin it and filet it was DISGUSTING. I don't know if I could eal again. (Plus another reminder of its snake-like quality and I HATE snakes)

I love Chef Eric Ripert because whereas a lot of the other guest chef judges have an air of arrogance, Ripert seems generally nice and humble. He also seems like he truly wants to help and teach the other chefs.

At this point, is it really for Stefan to lose and Fabio, Carla and Jamie to try to knock him out? I think of all the people, Carla probably has the biggest chance to do so, though I would say Jamie could do it (though she's had some bad weeks) WHAAAAAAAAAAATTT.

For oversalting the celery? No offence to Leah but Leah should have been cut LAST week let alone this week. What the?

So I guess at this point, it's Carla and the Europeans in the running but again, sometimes a tiny mistake can cost a better chef the game.

More on Privileged, American Idol, Lie To Me, Lost, The Week The Women Went:

Privileged - All About Confessions - Ep. 116

Rose is NOT A V? I'm shocked. And Sage IS? Each sister wants to tell their respective boyfriends and we find out Zach isn't as innocent as he seemed either, while Luis is. Like religiously. Luis goes to church. A LOT. And convinces Sage to go to mass. It's cute, as long as is this doesn't get too 7th Heaven. She does reveal a bit more of her parents since the last time they went to church was for Rose and Sage's parents funeral.

On a brighter note, Charlie is still around! Yay! But not for long. Boo. Since he's going to "UCSD" (aka, the actors unemployment line, which in this case, is SO not fair. When do shows try to split apart THAT much chemistry?) Sparks fly when Megan kidnaps Charlie for one last bestfriend "hangout" and Charlie professes his love. Hollywood builds entire series and movies out of less chemistry between JoAnna Garcia and Michael Cassidy. And he gets cut due to budgetary reasons? Stupid economy.

I mean, Will is great and all but he's no CHARLIE. I'm glad that with Cassidy's exit, the triangle is still all very dramatic and OC fighty.

Rose goes all stalky on Zach's ex-girlfriend but she's being stalked by a lady who turns out to be her... aunt? Daughter of Miles Franklin, the same Miles the aunt? informs Sage is Rose and Sage's grandfather. Plus, Sage confesses that it was her fault her parents died... dun dun dun...

Somehow I figure it's going to be some lame it's-not-really-her-fault reason but I'm still intrigued.

American Idol - Hollywood Week - Eps. 808, 809

I've update some of my handicaps on the Top 36 spoilers but if you want to avoid the spoilers, well, don't click the link and stay here. So far though, the spoilers DO seem correct, as everyone on the list is still in the running.

And considering how much I hate the auditions, I'm loving Hollywood Week. Maybe it's my Big Brother viewing habits but the backstage drama and the group performances, I loved all the bitchiness. I liked that the singers got a bit of a training session before going back under fire with their first acapella performance, who mostly then get cut and sent home right away. Seems like a lot of expense for mostly mediocre golden ticket winners to visit Hollywood for a day only to be sent home to oblivion again. Oh well, for being the #1 show, I guess they could afford to spend a bit and help the economy out a bit.

I'm still not seeing enough of my favorites like Brian Keith Smith and Lil Rounds, while I was reminded of how good Alexander Wagner-Trugman, Anoop Desai and Danny Gokey are but I'm still not totally buying it all. And I really don't like Gokey's best friend. And that's even before I realized that was a cheek ring that totally grossed me out.

I'm REALLY hating Tatiana and that Tohn girl (and bikini girl but at least she's gone). I think the joke is on that Nick clown who I think was caught off guard when the judges were actually seriously going to put him through. He looked as if he was ready to retort for being cut but when they didn't, I think it threw him (and us) off. Was I the only one though that thought Nancy Red Haired Black Girl got the shaft? I mean, she wasn't great and she was all drama-ey but personally I thought she had every right to be.

Anyways, most of my picks still haven't changed after this first Hollywood week so let's see if I change my mind next week. Cause my pool picks are due after Hollywood week so I'll need to decide who I'm putting my money on soon. Who would you guys pick?

Lie To Me - A Perfect Score - Ep. 103

Three episodes in and I'm enjoying it more than I know I should, especially since the exposition is like blazing fluorescent lights highlighting the clues. Like worse than The Mentalist (which I do like too). Still, it's kinda fun for now. It'll probably get old fast, but it's nice to see Tim Roth get some populist work.

Lost - The Little Prince - Ep. 504

I'm loving this darker Sun, now with secret gun and all, all while she's watching Aaron as Kate tries to track down whoever is tracking her down.

Who may be Claire's mom, but not? According to Jack?

And more people are bleeding on the island? Including Miles and Juliet?

Plus Jin is ALIVE! Caught and found by a bunch of French... transients? One who happens to be a young Danielle Rouseau? I have NO idea what the @#$@#$#@$@#@$ is going on but I'm loving all the different threads.

AND JIN'S ALIVE!!! He survived the boat explosion and has been floating unconsciously in the water.

And now Sun is out for revenge on his death. Oh yah! And the threads continue to weave.

On a side note, anybody know if Walt would still be alive? What happened to him again? And so can we assume Michael died or could he have survived the boat explosion too?

OH! and an appearance by Stephanie Niznik from Everwood! YAHOO!!! Though I will always think of her as the nice neighbour.

The Week The Women Went - Ep. 203

The red hat ladies descended upon Tatamagouche and of course, the results were hilarious. Though I'm still surprised the lunches at BOTH the inn and diner turned out looking pretty appetizing.

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Unknown said...

I didn't see the Top Chef, but perhaps they were serving escolar (not escobar). It's a very buttery-tasting fish, but you can't eat more than a small piece, or else you get the runs.

Scooter McGavin said...

Walt is alive as far as we know and the last we know of him was he was living with his grandma circa 2005 after him and Michael got off the island. Granted I want to know why they have to take a dead Locke back to the island and not Walt. And it is safe to assume Michael is dead, he was standing next to the C4 when it went off while Jin was at the end of the carrier runway. Granted it is Lost so who really knows, Eyepatch guy died a couple times and kept coming back.

How can you not know what is going on, it's not rocket science. Well except for that whole constant stuff, I think that actually may only be able to be explained through rocket science.