Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why I Haven't Watched Dollhouse Yet

I haven't watched Dollhouse yet.

Here's why.

I'm not a crazy Whedon fan in that I'll follow him to conventions kind of way, but I do love Buffy and Angel (minus near the end of Angel, that part got a bit weird) and I enjoyed Firefly/Serenity (though I don't have the DVD's as opposed to the other 2 shows). So yes, I love his shows. But like Firefly, I fear that FOX isn't going to be patient and pull Dollhouse after 4 weeks when the ratings tank (which they are). So why get emotionally attached?

And with the reviews, I'm afraid the show won't live up to "Whedon standards" and I'll just be disappointed in the first place. And I won't even get emotionally attached and have the Whedon named blemished.

But I know, I need to get over that emotional/psychological hump and just watch it. It IS Eliza Dushku AND Tahmoh Penikett!

The Cast of Dollhouse

Eliza Dushku as Echo

Tahmoh Penikett as Paul Ballard

Olivia Williams as Adelle DeWitt

Harry Lennix as Boyd

Fran Kranz as Topher

Enver Gjokaj as Victor

Dichen Lachman as Sierra

Vance at http://tapeworthy.blogspot.com

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Kat said...

having seen every episode and owning season 1 on dvd, i can say that this show is amazing. i love it. i cried when it ended. i cannot wait to buy season 2 on dvd.