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Handicapping The Alleged American Idols

The spoiler is out on the Top 36 for American Idol (or at least that's the word on the blog street). Since I don't actually mind Hollywood week and enjoy watching the singers put through the ringer, it should still be entertaining.

In the meantime, I can start figuring out my picks for Low Resolution Joe's pool. And thanks to his recap posts on the pool site, I can actually remember who half of these folks were.

So help me out here. Which 2 singers should I put my money on? Cause papa needs a new pair of shoes (amongst other things)! And which are my new Idol crushes?

UPDATE: I've updated some stuff after watching Hollywood Week 1
UPDATE 2: I've updated some more stuff after watching Hollywood Week 2 Tuesday episode
UPDATE 3: The Top 36 were finally announced. It was mostly right! Almost. (Basically the Nick guy WAS Nick/Norman). Also according to the official website, Joanne Pacitti is out and Felicia Barton is in. I continue a new discussion of the official Top 36 picks here, but you can continue below too.

Here's the full list in alphabetical order:

Adam Lambert, 26, Hollywood, CA
The Wicked Kid
The theatre guy who is just pop enough to get away with it. If he can lose the Fallout Boy haircut and clean cut himself, he can go far. Though the current hair gives him "cred". But that means nothing to those who actually phone in for these things. Without haircut, will be Top 6 max. With haircut, Top 3.
UPDATE 2: He's still wailing a little too much. Though the link in the comments below to his performance in The Ten Commandments The Musical (yes, there really was one and it's available on DVD too!) was actually pretty spectacular). He's falling a little back on my list though after Hollywood week.

Alexander Wagner-Trugman, 19, Los Angeles
Nerdy Awesomeness (according to Joe)
I remember liking him but not much else. If he can turn on the geeky charm and get a makeover, he could squeeze into the Top 12. He just needs to motivate the 8-14 year old female crowd.
UPDATE: From Hollywood week, has a nice voice but very strange onstage mannerisms.

Alexis Grace , 20, Memphis, TN
The Military (school) Wife And Mother
People around the net really seem to love this cute and perky blonde but she did nothing but annoy me. Probably will be Top 8.
UPDATE 2: Strong voice and better look but still needs more screen time to gel I think.

Allison Iraheta, 16, Los Angeles, CA
Little Red

Anne Marie Boskovich, 23, Nashville, TN
The "Bubbly" Girl
I remember her being cute but not much else.
UPDATE 2: She's pretty good but indistinctive.

Anoop Desai, 21, Chapel Hill, NC
The Indian Surprise
The UnSanjaya. His good strong voice doesn't match his square personality but could pull enough votes for Top 8 just for being such an unexpected surprise.
UPDATE 2: Again, the voice keeps surprising me. It's so much better than I keep thinking he will be.

Arianna Ayesha Afsar, 16, San Diego, CA
The Cute Charity Girl.
Very cute. Very likable. A possible pick for the pool. I would say Top 10 at least.

Brent Keith Smith, 29, Blanchester, OH
The Urban Cowboy
He's hot, he's country, he's ... yeah. that's all he needs. Top 2. I'm hedging my bets. He's my most possible male pick for the pool at this point.

Casey Carlson,20, Minneapolis, MN
The Girl Next Door
That's all I got. I remember her being cute but that's about it.
UPDATE 2: Decent but I've already forgotten her.

Danny Gokey, 28, Milwaukee, WI
The Widower
Another sob story that I'm sure will win your hearts but it didn't mine (I have no soul apparently). Still, considering all that, his voice was better than I thought it would be.
UPDATE: There's still something about him that really bugs me but there's also something about him that I REALLY REALLY like. His voice is pretty great when he doesn't get indulgent and cocky so he needs to watch that.
UPDATE 2: There's STILL something about him that really bugs me. Maybe it's his smugness or close JD/Turk like relationship with his friend with the cheekring (EWWW). He's got potential but I kind of want to smack him first.

UPDATE 3: Felicia Barton, 26, Virginia Beach, VA
She's new to the list and looks like is replacing Joanne Pacitti

Jackie Tohn, 27, Silver Lake, CA
The Annoyance
I can't remember her except that she annoyed me.
UPDATE: Yes, she really annoys me.

Jasmine Murray, 17, Brookhaven, MS
The Sister
Has a lot of sisters. I remember really liking her but I don't remember why. Possible Top 12.
UPDATE 2: Her voice disappointed me here but she also sounded a little sick. I hope so because something about her makes me want to root for her.

Jeanine Vailes, 27, Sherman Oaks, CA

Jessica "Jesse" Langseth, 25, Minneapolis, MN
The Unknown

Joanna Pacitti, 23, Philadelphia, PA
The Second Chance Star
UPDATE 3: According to the website, she's no longer on the list.
I really liked her voice and I really wanted to like her but there was 2 split second moments that I felt was very fake and let slip her act. So I'm suspicious but still keeping my eye on her. Top 10. Possibly further, but I need to figure her out some more.

Jorge Nunez, 20, Carolina, PR
The Latino Lover
A little fey for this competition but that never stopped Clay Aiken. He was likable and had a pretty great voice but I'm wondering what the actual dialers will think. Could go either way. Way far in the competition or never even starting.
UPDATE 2: Likable but I don't think his voice is strong enough to last through the competition.

Junot Joyner, 26, Bowie, MD
The Father
UPDATE 2: Has a nice smooth voice. Don't love that he got through because of his son, but there's a calmness to him.

Kai Kalama,26, San Clemente, CA
The Dutiful Son
Helps his sick mother, which means he has no time for a haircut. People seemed to like him but I'm blinded by the awful grooming standards, but with a good Hollywood makeover, anything can happen. See David Cook. I don't think Kai is going to win though.
UPDATE 2: Rough. That was rough.

Kendall Beard, 23, Austin, TX
The Country Girl
UPDATE 2: Cute Carrie Underwood vibe but not as good as Carrie, but we haven't see much of her yet.

Kristen McNamara, 22, Napa Valley, CA
The Pink Girl
UPDATE: Part of the "compromise" group in Hollywood with all the drama but she didn't show me enough to impress me yet.
UPDATE 2: She's not that great. Girly and plays the innocent card to a T but I'm not buying any of it.

Kris Allen, 24, Conway, AZ
The Cutie Next Door
UPDATE: From the glimpse we got of him in the group Hollywood week, he seemed boyband cute with a boyband decent voice.

Lil Rounds, 23, Memphis, TN
The Pro
Her family was ravaged by a tornado and she seems to be a little whirlwind herself. I predict will go far. Top 3 or 2.

Matt Breitzke, 27, Bixby, OK
The Welder
If he loses, he's coming to hunt you down. I think he's going to be coming for all of us. Time to hide...
UPDATE 2: Eh, he was alright, but I still think we're going to have to hide from him.

Matt Giraud, 23, Kalamazoo, MI
The Justin Timberlake Wannabe
I really like his low voice (which was compared to one of my faves, Elliot Yamin) but something about him bugs me, and it's not that he looks like trailer trash.
UPDATE 2: I still love his sound but he really needs to be careful with song choice. But if he does, he could go far.

Megan Corkrey, 23, Sandy, UT
The Young Divorcee Mom
She had a cool voice and seemed likable despite her soap opera sounding background (I mean, she's divorced at 23 already? With child? In Mormon Utah?). Possible Top 12ver.

Michael Sarver or Michael Tristan or Michael Bartul (just please say it's not the damn Castro) (UPDATE 2: It's NOT CASTRO, It's DEFINITELY MICHAEL SARVER!)
Michael Sarver, 27, Jasper, TX
The Oil Driller Family Man
Hunky and sweet. Will do well but not that well. I predict Top 6ish at best.
UPDATE 2: He's not perfect but I like his gruffiness mixed in a teddy bear. I want to root for him.

Mishavonna Henson, 18, Irvine, CA
The Disney Heroine
UPDATE 2: She looks like a cross between Pocahontas and Snow White to me. Insensitive of me?

Nathaniel Marshall (aka Nate McGee) 19, Malone, NY
The Pierced Diva
UPDATE: The drama queen has a decent voice but the piercings and the overthetop divaish aura he exudes distracts from his performances.
UPDATE 2: He's alright but there are so many better boys, all who are not drama queens.

Nick Mitchell, 27, Brookfield, CT
The Clown
UPDATE 3: It's the Nick/Norman dude. Seriously?

Ricky Braddy, 25, Nashville, TN

Scott MacIntyre, 22, Scottsdale, AZ
The Guy Who Is Blind
Was I the only one not drawn to this sympathy story? Though he seemed funny (at least because of the Seacrest).
UPDATE 2: For a second he had me but when you listen more closely, he's only okay.

Stephen Fowler, 26, Beachwood, OH
The Fro
UPDATE 2: I liked him and I want to see more, though I don't know if I like him enough to see him go all the way.

Stevie Wright, 16, Phelan, CA
The Girl Named After Stevie Knicks.
I remember her but remember nothing else. Was she good? Bad? Nada. Not a good sign.
UPDATE 2: Cute but again, not as memorable as she probably should be.

Tatiana Del Toro, 23, San Juan, PR
The Loony Bin
Are you serious? Maybe this prediction is a mistake. Or they had to put SOMEONE from Puerto Rico through. This girl is crazy annoying and hot only in that red light district sort of way. She had BETTER NOT make the Top 12.
UPDATE 2: You know, her voice ain't bad. But OMG I F#$KING HATE HER.

Taylor Vaifanua, 16, Salt Lake City, UT
The Tall Girl
Apparently she's good but I don't remember her.

Von Smith, 22, Greenwood, MO
The Hat Dude
I don't remember him at all. I must have tuned him out.
UPDATE: Cuter than I thought but more annoying than I thought too.

So at this point, my top considerations are Brent Michael Smith, Adam Lambert, and Lil Rounds.

I think Arianna Ayesha Afsar, Megan Corkrey, Michael Sarver, Danny Gokey, Jasmine Murray will make it to the Top 12 though I don't know how far they'll get.

The rest is still up for grabs since there are still a few singer we haven't seen/I haven't paid attention to.

Who should I pick? Really, I need a new pair of shoes.

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Handicapping the Alleged American Idols

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Anonymous said...

The guy most like Clay Aiken is Adam Lambert. He has a great voice, is theatrical, has Clay's hairdo from 2006 and he's gay.

I'm putting my money on Adam to win. He's the best of the lot but the gay thing might wreck it for him like it did for Clay.

Joseph Gomez said...

So my friend Chris Berry is an aold high school buddy of Adam Lambert. Here he is doing a song from The Ten Commandments Musical with Val Kilmer. Chris says he can wail like crazy. He really can. We were texting him the other night and he did confirm for us that he is in the top 36.

Joseph Gomez said...

here's the link. :-)

Unknown said...

joseph gomez

can you ask your friend who is a high school buddy of Adam's if he is gay or not. I dont care either way but i'm very curious!

Joseph Gomez said...

uber gay