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Swimming In The Shallow End - The Big Bang Theory, 90210, Privileged, Friday Night Lights and More

Matt Lanter, David Monaghan, Robert Buckley. Not household names but hotties I've been following and all were showing up on TV this week! I know. I'm shallow. But by now, you MUST know I totally am and that it influences my TV watching. Come on, it's probably the sole reason I get sucked into The Bachelor and the "bad" reality shows!

The Big Bang Theory - The Maternal Capacitance - Ep. 215

Christine Baranski is Mrs. Hofstadter. Leonard's mom. And she's exactly as nerdy and unemotional and odd as Sheldon. Man, that was one of the funniest episodes to date! Between Penny and Leonard bonding over their lack of parental bonding and almost sleeping with each other, and Mrs. Hofstadter's analysis of the homoerotic bond Howard and Rajnesh have built to simulate intimacy, and Jim Parson's Sheldon and Christine Baranski as the mother of all nerds was hysterical. Loved how Mrs. Hofstadter basically dismissed everyone into the shallow end of the gene pool. And that includes her own son. Yet it didn't feel particularly mean!

90210 - Of Heartbreaks and Hotels - Ep. 116

Finally a reason to watch 90210! My favorite contestant from Manhunt: The Search for America's Most Gorgeous Male Model (oh yes!) Matt Lanter (Commander in Chief) plays Liam, a bartender (even though he looks barely legal, though is 25 in real life) who sadly doesn't appear shirtless on this show so far. But at leaves gives Naomi's storyline something of interest! FINALLY!

Plus a second appearance by Friday Night Light's Aimee Teegarden who right off the bat, tells Ethan that she's tricked him.... and the drama continues to deflate by the second. Why must this show make everything so nice? TOO nice? Let Privileged do that (and yet that show STILL has more drama per hour than we've seen all season here so far).

Plus is it sad that Navid is not even more annoying than his drug addict pregnant not-girlfriend? And I had so much hope for him. And Silver too. Cause there's NO WAY she would have gotten a tattoo of "Dixon". She's too smart, cynical and smart for that. I'd say it would be out of character but I'm asking too much from this show aren't I?

I've update on American Idol in my Handicapping the Top 36 post (SPOILERS BEWARE)

More on Privileged, Friday Night Lights, Scrubs, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, The Bachelor, Degrassi:TNG, Flashpoint, Ghost Whisperer, Leverage, Project Runway Canada:

Privileged - All About Confessions, All About Betrayal - Eps. 116, 117

You know this show is a fairytale fantasy when Megan gets a heartfelt confession of love (and a kiss) from Charlie (Michael Cassidy) before he splits for San Diego, breaks up with Will (Brian Hallisay) and then ends up in a world where the editor of Will's new magazine looks like Robert Buckley (above, Lipstick Jungle). Ah, and what a fairytale fantasy it is!

Okay, I'm still mad that Charlie is gone because sparks like Cassidy and JoAnna Garcia do not just happen everyday, but Buckley sure softens the blow. Though the fact that he's supposed to be a Harvard grad who got published in the New Yorker before 22, AND still looks like the way he does, seems a leeeeeeeettle far fetched. Plus, I guess there's really no logical way to get a magazine editor into his underwear, is there?

(By the way, if you're that young, that smart, and that handsome, and that successful, I then officially hate you. Do you want to go out on a date?)

The secret is out and Laurel knows that the girls know (about their real grandfather) but the twins finally decide to split up as roomates when Rose decides to grow up and rely on Sage less for support (since Sage has kept the secret of thinking she's killed their parents this whole time). Meanwhile, Grandpa's real daughter wants to sue Laurel.

Marco tries to woo Keith (David Monahan) back, while he's trying to have a baby with his faghag (the always loopy but hilarious Jennifer Elise Cox). Only this show can somehow play that storyline straight, dramatic and heartwarming, ending off with the ultimate fairytale when Marco proposes to Keith!!!

Friday Night Lights - How the Other Half Live, Hello, Goodbye - Eps. 303, 304

Seriously, how good is the Smash storyline? (And how good has Gaius Charles been? Amazing and Emmy worthy!). I think I'm going to cry just thinking about it all.

J.D. has become such a great foil for Matt Saracen, as the new star quarterback showing up in town (with aggressive parents in tow). Love that J.D. himself is not so much the enemy as it is the system they've created, with Buddy and the boosters (who are creating a nice big headache for Tami as well) having more control over everything than poor Coach Taylor it seems.

And just as Tyra was getting her life back in gear, the handsome and convincing Cash shows up and whisks her away. Hell, if someone like that showed up on my doorstep, I'd follow him anywhere too!

And oh, just you all wait to see where the show continues further on this season! It just gets better and better! Oh, and you'd better keep those kleenexes out!

Scrubs - My Absence, My Comedy Show - Ep. 809, 810

And so it begins. Zach Braff gets time off and doesn't appear in the episode because he's trying to move on with his life and try to be a movie star (or so I assume) and strangely, for a show that's centered around JD, I didn't really miss him. Again, which proves that Elliot and Carla are the true heart and soul of the show now (and kind of always actually).

Okay, and now that Aziz Ansari is gone, I'm getting to like the new interns more like Sunny Day (!?!), know-it-all Denise and that funny looking cute in the geeky way with the super low voice guy. (I know. Most people loved Aziz, but I think he would have worked better on another show. He was just plain annoying here. I could totally understand what Dr. Cox was feeling).

Meanwhile, I'm loving touchy feely Jimmy, even before his impression of Dane Cook at the talent show. (His other impressions were so so but the Dane Cook dig made up for it all). Plus, he's Taran Killam in real life. As in, Cobie Smulder's baby daddy in real life. So THAT'S who he is!

And maybe because we had a slight reprieve from Braff in the first half hour, I enjoyed having him back and all his bromance with Turk glory again. Plus, I almost forgot that Carla and Turk had a baby already. Just like Turk. It's getting a little deja vu but I guess that's the point that they so cleverly point out and run with.

Fringe - The Transformation, Ability - Eps. 113, 114

I still never feel compelled to watch this show, but then I catch up with it and love it again. After being totally grossed out of course. Ugh, seriously, totally grossed out. First those nasty slugs last week, this week the melty face thing. I have got to get my Joshua Jackson fix another way, preferably without the sci-fi scariness. Yet there's just enough humour to hold me in.

I partly still love the conspiracy arc but in the same breathe, I'm so confused and lost track of who is who and who is bad and what not that I've kind of given up on it too and just enjoying the show for what it is.

Desperate Housewives - Mama Spent Money When She Had None - Ep. 514

I enjoyed Dave's little reassurance to Edie that their marriage was "real". Real because he doesn't have fairytale expectations. LOVED her face. Loved Susan making a fool of herself trying to keep MJ in private school (though when was keeping a kid in private school a right? No wonder yuppies are spending beyond their means and no wonder the public school system is failing).

Brothers & Sisters - Owning It - Ep. 314

The gays have taken over! Finally!

Now if only they can take over Ojai or whatever is left of that company.

But was I the only one creeped out by the site of John Glover as Saul's new boyfriend Henry? Not because they are an older gay couple to balance off Kevin and Scotty. No, I was creeped out because I still think of him as Lionel Luther from Smallville.

The Bachelor - Jason Mesnick - Ep. 1306

I've got to champion Gillian since she's the Canadian girl but I'm not really sure Jason is all into her. I think Jason thought Gillian was crazy when she started telling him about Ogopogo.

But not as crazy as meeting Naomi's family. Man, Jason should be given the Emmy Award just for keeping a straight face during that whole ordeal.

Degrassi: The Next Generation - Causing a Commotion - Eps. 811

Finally, a revolt against The Shep. I mean, who was this principal Shep anyways and how could he have gotten the Best Principal award after only a few months? So yay Claire (along with Alli and K.C. above) for stepping up against the douchebag! Especially when The Shep was being a tool against Connor, who apparently now has aspergers, the new go-to-disease for TV shows it seems.

Flashpoint - Ep. 107

I don't even know what the episode was called last week but the two brothers, particularly the "good" one with the deep blue eyes and dark hair was enough to help convey pity. I'd give him a hug! (Hey, the title of the post says it all man. I'm totally shallow).

Ghost Whisperer - Slow Burn - Ep. 414

I think it was the first time I watched a full episode of this show. And you know what? It wasn't that bad. I was actually entertained and I almost cried. ALMOST I SAID. I DIDN'T. Okay, but seriously, I was intrigued by the promos that had been running all week and decided to catch the Love -Hewitt show and a) forgot that Jamie Kennedy AND Cameron Manheim were on the show now and wondering... b) what happened to Aisha Tyler and didn't Jay Mohr join the cast at some point? c) Kenneth Mitchell is in this show now? (As the guy whose body David Conrad spiritually took over). and d) it's only in season 4? It feels like its been on forever. You mean I've only dismissed the show for 4 years? That's it?

Things that surprised me: 1. JLoveHewitt didn't bug me at all. I didn't hate her (like I did on Party of Five), 2. David Conrad (above) is still hot. Man Miss Match should have taken off. 3. I actually really enjoyed the mystery and the sappiness of the mystery.

Also to note, the actor playing the troubled youth who Gretchen Egolf (Journeyman) was trying to haunt, Will Rothhaar, has this really nice intensity and handsomeness that I think will get him far. I'm just saying, I saw him first.

Leverage - The Juror #6 Job - Ep. 111

Data and Lauren Holly! It's like the early 90's revived all over again! Loved the new twists and turns of 12 angry jurors. Totally preposterous but boy was it fun to watch Lauren Holly get screwed over (and I'm talking in a non-sexual, karma's a bitch cause she's a bad person kind of way... you know, just to clarify).

Project Runway Canada - Claim to Fame, Colour Me Right - Eps. 202, 203

Week 2 (which apparently you can now watch on youtube, so catch it while you still can) had Elisha Cuthbert as the BIG CELEBRITY GUEST. I guess Celine was busy. It's Canadian TV. It's about all we can get. I was half waiting for a cougar print as part of the challenge.

I like Jessica's personality at this point, but Sunny is probably the strongest designer here. His L.A. party dress for Elisha was GORGEOUS because it was so subtle (and the pic doesn't do it justice since you can't see the rays stitching on the blue dress). I think it should have won, but Jason's dress was pretty nice too and it was nice to see him go from bottom 2 to winner.

In Week 3, it's the first team challenge and Sunny and Baylor team up. Of course. Two of the stronger designers that are Asianish. (Well, Baylor is Venezuelan but he looks Asian to me). Seriously, I just wrote the previous sentence at the start of the show and since, every other designer has been like "omg, Baylor and Sunny together? I'm scared to see what I have to compete with" or something like that. And they don't disappoint. Especially Sunny, whose green tule outer shell over a basic dress is STUNNING. Holy cow, I don't think I've ever seen tule constructed like that. I usually find designers on this show use tule the wrong way and end up in the bottom but as Shawn notes, Sunny is someone to contend with. At episode 3, does Sunny have it in the bag?

Vancouverite Christie doesn't measure out. Basically because she's terrible when she isn't already spazzing out with the workload (uh, hello, welcome to the rest of the world where people work past 5pm to actually earn a living).

I get what Jeff's trying to do but he needs to get moving. Adejoke is good but keeping quiet. Baylor is good but just not as good as Sunny. Kim and Gen haven't been very convincing or even noticeable until this week but they came up with pretty good dresses. But I barely remember them and on this show, being normal and nice wins you no airtime.

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