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TeleMADdo - 30 Rock, Ugly Betty and More

30 Rock - Generalissimo - Ep. 310

Some people have complained that Salma Hayak's guest role is underwhelming and not starry enough. But that's what I love about her appearances. It's not GUEST STAR. She's just another character in a show full of CHARACTERS. (Plus she still delivers some pretty darn good lines and I still laugh at ""I find that authoritative rapid Spanish subdues white people.").

Still, how is it that Jon Hamm (looking all great with his loose and swoopy hair AND a smile) is this week's BIG STAR over Salma Hayak? We're Mad over the Men indeed!

Meanwhile, the Lord is now Tracy's new best dude friend/intern. Dude! It's Lord Marcus!

And while I still think Tina deserved the Emmy and Golden Globe, it was sort of this episode where I was really convinced of her ACTING (as opposed to just playing herself) as she hilariously tricks her neighbour Drew (Hamm) into falling in love with her.

Then in a reminder that Salma Hayak has brought all the funny parts of Ugly Betty onto this show, Jack looks exactly like an actor on a telenovela that Hayak's Elisa's grandmother watches. Tracy takes roofies, and Liz takes tips from the telenovela to win Drew's heart. And Jack uses Telemundo to change his Spanish soap opera gay counterpart. And changes the Today show to be more lighthearted. I don't know but it all brilliantly worked together and probably one of the funnier half hours in a long time!

More on Bones, Ugly Betty, The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Scrubs:

Bones - The Hero in the Hold - Ep. 413

The Gravedigger Killer? What's going on? I had to look it up to remind me what happened the first time around. Cause that was WAY back when wasn't it?

I hate it when shows treats its audiences like idiots but um... some reminders might have been nice here, other than Jack and Brennan getting buried in the car. What else happened? I'm getting confused with the CSI ep. when hot dude got buried alive.

Anyways, Bones has been kidnapped by the Grave Digger and friction in the gang emerges as they frantically try to save him.

It's all a little disconcerting seeing Bones and Hodgins butt heads. I know it's drama but this show is so great usually because the gang works so well together so it feel's disorienting somehow.

Meanwhile Brendan Fehr is back as Booth's brother, as is Marisa Coughlin as Agent Perotta, both in their attempts to save Booth, but alas, there's the twist that would have been nice if it wasn't totally out of the blue. No?

Oh, and did I mention Bones had a ghost friend Parker (whom he named his son after) to help him escape from his kidnapping?

It was a very strange episode. A little too Ghost Whisperer. They were trying to make it all suspenseful and dramatic with some haunting theme but it just felt a little muddled and a little out of character.

Ugly Betty - Kissed Off - Ep. 313

What did happen to the telenovela snippets on this show? Bring back the camp please!

Jesse (Val Emmich) is back though! And reminding Betty why she wants to stay in Manhattan. Because living with your family in Queens will dampen her game.

Amanda and Marc (yey!) help Betty get her groove back after Jesse disses Betty after an impromtu kiss. Betty tracks Jesse down and forces him on a date but in the end, he ends up being really boring and she moves on. (Though the little "me me me" song was pretty hilarious).

While I love Daniel and his heart to heart talks with Betty, the whole drama with him and Connor over Molly is pretty lame. Or, Connor is pretty lame then (and he's so hot, don't make him lame, please). At least Wily has caught on and we get a few more scenes of Eric Mabius looking remorseful. It's a cute look. I just wish it was with bigger and campier drama.

(Which makes me wonder, where is Christina and the Mead baby? She's got to be pretty huge by now).

And I love the Suarez's but they need to be treated less as a different world with Mode and get integrated more. Like when Justin interned at Mode way back when. We need more of that and less of the family holding Betty back from the Mode world and her career.

I still enjoyed this episode and this season but I will admit that a lot of the zip is gone. It used to seem faster paced with intertwining stories weaving back and forth. Even the Marc/Amanda scenes used to stretch further than they do right now? Though they are still appreciated! And at least now they are roomies! Let's hope the show uses this to their advantage!

UPDATE: Oops. wrong show. I just heard Cheyenne Jackson will be guesting on this show as a gay dad! WOO!!!

The Office - Lecture Circuit: Part 1 - Ep. 514

Rashida Jones is back!!! Why oh WHY did she leave for that AWFUL show? (At least you'll be in the new non-spin-off show Parks and Recreation with Amy Poehler! Though as a different character. So does that mean no crossover?)

Pam and Michael go see Karen for work purposes and Michael gets to act like an idiot again, but Pam gets closure with Karen who is now married and preggers, which leads to NEXT week's episode where I assume Michael will get closure with Holly! Yey!

Love that Jim and Dwight, the new co-party planners forgot Kelly's birthday. Love it cause Kelly is pissed and pissed Kelly is very funny! As is Andy hitting on a client.

Grey's Anatomy - Beat Your Heart Out - Ep. 513
Private Practice - Acceptance - Ep. 215

I feel a bit suckered. I know. I probably should have given up a while ago but I tend to give the benefit of the doubt, but after last week's reminder of the awesomeness of Supernatural, plus all the ads for ER's VERY LAST FEW EPISODES, I was about to switch away but I kinda wanted to see the crossover episodes but I thought it was this week. Then by about 10:30pm, realized it just wasn't happening and it's actually going to be next week. Ugh, meanwhile, I was bored again by both shows.

When George spoke, I yet AGAIN forgot he was actually still on the show. No wonder T.R. wanted out. Granted it's a nice cushy salary for very little work. And in this economy, you can't really complain about that. I even forgot about Izzie's sickness.

I just wanna see more of Audra McDonald. Audra, TR and Taye. They could do their own Broadway show together.

Scrubs - My New Role, My Lawyer's In Love - Ep. 807, 808

Dr. Cox is finally boss! And Ted has found a girlfriend (Kate Micucci, who I love)!

Carla has always been the secret weapon for this show but so far this season, Carla and Elliot are REALLY the heart of this show and the main reason I'm still enjoying Scrubs since a lot of the other silliness is getting a little old.

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