Friday, February 13, 2009

Words of Wisdom From The Buff Guy - The Real World: Brooklyn, Survivor: Tocantins and More

Bear with me on my shallowness this week (as opposed to my shallowness every other week). It's Valentine's Day this weekend. I'm single. I get this one. I could talk about how awesome Lost or 30 Rock was this week, but it's Valentine's Day weekend, I'm single and I'm bitter (and you wonder why I'm still single?) so I can't rapt lovely on the awesomeness of those shows (I've got to save my smiles to last through faking it through the weekend) and instead, I'm going bask in the hollowness of gratuitous photos of buff guys and I'm going to enjoy the view!

The Real World: Brooklyn - Daddy Dearest and the Dueling Divas, Friends and Enemies, Battle of the Sexes - Eps. 2104-2106

Scott (above, being photographed in the buff): "...It's your soul that makes you who you are, not what your body looks like." - (to Ryan while discussing transgendered Katelynn's self-image)

And who says pretty people aren't wise and astute?

I'd laugh (cause there has GOT to be some irony in there) if I was thinking properly but I'm just brainlessly starring at Scott's body right now (more photos below, some may might be NSFW).

I'd also be annoyed if Scott actually didn't seem like a generally nice guy (though he could probably have a better sense of humour (like his non-reaction to Chet's "Guide to dating like Scott")). Okay, the guy might be bringing home a new girl every night, but hell, if I looked like that, I'd be whoring myself around too! Still, the guy doesn't seem as big of a tool as previous buff Real Worlders. And while I'm sure part of it was because he felt left out of the loop (and the show since he's barely had a personality until recently), Scott did seem like he truly wanted to be Katelynn's friend and buddy.

Even Ryan and Chet, who still act idiotically a lot, are kinda endearing, or am I just that sadly desperate right now?

And how are the straights looking better than the LGBT's right now? Katelynn bless her heart is relishing her new feminine body but I'm glad the other roomates are trying to point out that pole dancing is not generally a requirement to be female. J.D. is a gossipy opinionated 'mo, and uh... so sadly I recognize myself far more than I would want to in him (and sadly it ain't the abs). Still, I could see why the girls are angry with him. Now I must go apologize to a few of my girlfriends now...

More on Survivor: Tocantins, True Beauty:

Survivor: Tocantins - Let's Get Rid of the Weak Players Before We Even Start - Ep. 1801 - Season Premiere

Yup, Spencer (above) IS cute. I was right! So is nerdy Stephen, hillbilly JT and Brendan.

"Coach" is annoying. He's got a decent bod but he's too bossy and his hair has got to go. But 1/16 is not bad so far. Sandy verges on it but she's amusing enough too. I just wish she was better at covering her tracks while searching for the Immunity Idol. At least pretend and lie that you set up SOMETHING at camp while you were waiting for the others.

Poor Carolina is already out, just cause she was a LEEETTLE naggy already. (And really, compared to previous seasons, it was nothing). Maybe this season really IS going to be with the nicest survivors ever (or so the Probst and producers claim).

True Beauty - Ep. 106

The naked guy's gone. He just wasn't beautiful enough on the inside I guess. Usually I wouldn't care but I kind of liked Ray and his constant streaking for no apparent reason. Boo.

Oh well, I'll just have to enjoy these pictures of Scott Herman from The Real World: Brooklyn, so girls (and by girls I mean the girls and the gays), enjoy! (for the straight dudes, I'll eventually post something for ya, though I'm surprised you got this far down the post in the first place):

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