Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Seventeen Syllables - Chuck, The Office And More

Because there was way too much TV on Mondays now (some of which I haven't even gotten to), I'm keeping my comments to a 17 syllable Haiku (5,7,5. Remember that from elementary school?). That's all I have time for right now.

Chuck - Chuck Versus the Third Dimension - Ep. 212

Chuck Is In Three D!
Lame When You Don't Have Glasses
But Dom Monaghan!

More on The Office, Gossip Girl, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Worst Week, The Bachelor, True Beauty, Corner Gas, Heroes, House:

The Office - Stress Relief - Ep. 513

Post SuperBowl Ep
Funny Then Bored Then Funny
Stanley Is Awesome

Gossip Girl - Carnal Knowledge - Ep. 217

Blair Against The Teach
Dan And Serena Are Off
So Dan Is On Teach

The Big Bang Theory - The Financial Permeability - Ep. 214

Penny Needs Money
Sheldon Lends Money To Her
This Cannot Be Good

How I Met Your Mother - The Possimpible - Ep. 414

Robin Is Jobless
Awesomeness Stops Deporting
Barney Keeps His Love

Worst Week - The Sex - Ep. 114

Sam Gets In Trouble
Again and Again, So Cute
And I Keep Laughing

The Bachelor - Jason Mesnick - Ep. 1304

Jason Is Still Hot
Still Can't Tell The Girls Apart
Stephanie Seemed Nice

True Beauty - Ep. 104

Ridiculous Show
Chelsea Is Finally Gone!
Why Do I Still Watch?

Corner Gas - Shirt Disturber - Ep. 610

Oscar Gets Alarm
Davis Replaces It With
A Calculator


It's Back On T.V.
Does Anyone Still Watch This?
Cause I Sure Don't Care


It's The Hundredth Ep
I'm Going To Stop Watching
It's All The Same Again

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I love you for doing the tapeworthy schedule, because I just cannot keep up with the shows I like, when they start, when they're on.

Meanwhile, the Reaper premiere has moved up to Tuesday, March 3 at 8 pm. We at reaperdmv.com aren't sure if this is good (earlier! hooray!) or bad (against American Idol). But want to be sure you know. Join us at our site to talk more!