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No One Knows Anything About Anything - American Idol, Lost and More

Lot's to catch-up on, boy a week sure goes by fast. (Thank goodness a lot of shows were repeats this week, though isn't this Feb. sweeps? What happened to that? Does that even exist anymore?)

American Idol - Top 36 Group 1 Results

Other than freaking out and thinking people might actually vote for Tatiana and VFTW might win the day AGAIN, I can't believe I was actually correct with my predictions!!! (Pat on shoulder! I know, it's a proud moment. Look, there's not much else in my life right now okay?) Now what happens with Anoop and Ricky? Will they get Wild Carded? And if so, what happens in Wild Card week again? Do people get to vote? I forgot how it works now. (Like is there 12 Wild Cards that the judges pick and another 3 get voted through by the public or is it all the judges choice?).

Because pretty much everyone else left that I like all seem to be in Group 2 (including Mishovonna, Matt Girard, Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen, Jasmine Murray and Adam Lambert). Who does that leave for Group 3? Basically Lil Rounds and Arianna Asfar. Then again, after seeing Group 1, don't count your chickens just yet...

The good news is, my pool pick Danny Gokey made it to the Top 12 (and he was the last to sing, which I think get's me a few more points!). The bad news is, Danny Gokey made it to the Top 12 and will undoubtably milk his wife's death for many more weeks to come. Yet from the web and talking to friends, seems like a LOT of people are falling for it all. Ugh.

More on Lost, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Lie To Me, Worst Week, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, The Bachelor, True Beauty, The Amazing Race, Project Runway Canada, 30 Rock, Ugly Betty, The Office, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, Gary Unmarried:

Lost - This Place Is Death, 316 - Eps. 505, 506

Jin's alive, most of the Frenchies that found him are now dead by their own young Danielle Rousseau, Charlotte and co. are dying from the spinny time-travelling, Daniel Faraday seems to be everywhere (and by everywhere I mean that timewise and not location wise and I love that I actually have to point this out when it comes to this show), Jack is going to go back to the island after some persuasion from Mrs. Hawking and a dead (from suicide?) Locke, more kissy kissy with Jack and Kate. Hurley, Sayid, Sun, Jack and Kate (and a dead Locke) are on the way back to the island... and more and more...(with Ben in tow and Frank at the helm of the plane? Another crash? What a way to start the episode like the pilot again though!) Seriously, we're already on episode 6 now? Seriously, we're only on episode 6 now?

I'm loving this undecipherable season! Jin's working for Dharma now? WTF? LOVE IT!

The New Adventures of Old Christine - Reckless Abandonment, Honey, I Ran Over the Kid - Eps. 415, 416

Old Christine is really just a slightly more pleasant Elaine and who has a nicer family isn't she? In fact, that flashback looked SOOOOO Seinfeld in last week's episode that I wasn't even surprised when she ran over Richie in this week's episode. And still she's trying to "win" against Richard as the best parent. See, it's Elaine with a better wardrobe and hairstyle.

Lie To Me - Love Always - Ep. 104

Still enjoy the show as something in the background but it's going to really have to start adding more to keep me tuned in. The slow looks into their private lives is helping. Cause sooner or later, those video shots of them pointing out famous people lying is going to get tired.

Worst Week - The Epidural - Ep. 115 - Season Finale

Well, it's been one season and they've planned the wedding, had the wedding, survived the pregnancy and now finally had the baby! They actually had the baby! But not before SAM (and not Melanie) got an epidural.

Again, it was totally ridiculous and again, it was totally hilarious. Kudos to the writers for continuously coming up with more things to get Sam in trouble (and for twisting it a bit sometimes and having the parents Angela and Dick (the always terrific Nancy Lenehan and Kurtwood Smith) involved/in trouble) but I don't think anything could have worked without this awesome cast led by Kyle Bornheimer as Sam who seriously retains his cute charms even while he makes the dumbest moves around. And Erinn Hayes' Melanie could have been annoying but she's so loving and understanding without being condescending that it's really a joy to watch.

Desperate Housewives - In a World Where the Kings Are Employers - Ep. 515

I'm loving all the kids right now.

Love that Andrew makes more than Orson but I wish we saw more of Andrew and his former-porn-star-hubby. Love the kid who plays MJ. Too cute and too hilarious. And the Scavo son who isn't the twin, the one with the cartoonish big nose is simply adorable with his red hair and all.

Brothers & Sisters - Lost and Found - Ep. 315

I know Twilight is huge and all but did they have to go and cast Robert Pattison as Ryan technically-a-Walker? Okay, it's actually newcomer Luke Grimes but the similarities down to the greasy hair is uncanny.

Meanwhile, is it me or are Rebecca's parents simply the worst people on the planet?

The Bachelor - Jason Mesnick - Ep. 1307
True Beauty - Ep. 107

I knew Jason wouldn't pick Gillian but I thought THIS was the episode DeAnna was coming back. Boy, I feel more duped than Gillian. But boy, they've strung along this whole season with her return, and I can't WAIT! Plus a bonus After-The-Rose episode... dun dun dun!!!

And sadly, I sort of can't wait to see the three remaining "beauties" find out the twist on True Beauty, even as non-event as it will probably actually be. I did like how the judges actually seemed clenched and furious debating between Laura and Joel. It was kinda hilarious how into it they got and how serious they debated about who was less "beautiful".

Project Runway Canada - Re-Fashioning the Houses - Eps. 204

Don't forget, you can apparently watch it on youtube and catch up with us in Canada!


Though at this point, does it even matter? Sunny won AGAIN. Genevieve (I think it was her, I get confused between her and Kim, maybe it was Kim since Gen was on Sunny's team), Kim points out that Sunny's outfit is the same bustier with different layers overtop but who cares when it looks THAT good.

Though generally, I thought most of the outfits looked good this week but I guess the YSL team didn't follow the instructions and did Rive Gauche Ready to Wear and not Haute Couture. I don't know YSL well enough (I'm gay but I'm not THAT gay) so I couldn't really tell but I guess Brandon was stupid enough to admit the same fact. Seriously, you should be smart enough to know that Iman will pounce on you for that. Rowr (And I don't mean that in the cougar way, I mean that in the fashion is vicious way).

The Amazing Race - Don't Let a Cheese Hit Me - Ep. 1401 - Season Premiere

That cheese thing was the funniest/most horrifying thing in a long time.

And Luke is CUTE!!! And apparently gay (which I kind of figured just moments into the episode). So that makes 3 gay guys. Though I wonder about Victor too.

So far, so good with the race, as teams I like are leading the race so far! Which means nothing of course.

And new graphics! I'm not sure I love them but I do like the time stamps and editing so we get a better sense of the actual race in a real time format. It's about time!

30 Rock - St. Valentine's Day - Ep. 311

Once again, Jessica Westfeldt is on Grey's Anatomy and her real boyfriend Jon Hamm is on timeslot competitor 30 Rock. Which one did they watch? I wonder.

Loved Liz's Valentine's Day date with Mr. Hot Hamm and his ungelled hair, while Elisa takes Jack to church. Oh god. Another hilarious episode!

Ugly Betty - The Courtship of Betty's Father - Ep. 314

Oh god, Ignacio is having an affair with his nurse. Another okay episode. But the zing is gone and there's not enough Mode and not enough Marc and Amanda and definitely not enough Betty at Mode. (Though this week's episode sounds like it's a return to that FINALLY).

The Office - Lecture Circuit: Part 2 - Ep. 514

Doh, Michael goes to see Holly and Holly isn't there. Damnit, I thought this was the episode Amy Ryan was returning. Duped again, but entertainingly duped nonetheless. Though the point where Michael cut off a section of Holly's yellow sweater might have gone a bit too far in believability. I did enjoy Pam taking over Michael's presentation.

And Angela's cat. The hairball thing might have gone too far but I still laughed. Just like I laughed at Kelly's birthday party and gift.

Grey's Anatomy - Before and After - Ep. 514
Private Practice - Ex-Life - Ep. 216

Finally, the crossover happens and finally the episodes on both shows are actually quite decent, but harsh reminders of the great casts they have assembled and what a waste they've become in the trite writing. I mean, no wonder Heigl and Knight are rumoured to be out, I barely remember they are on the show anymore. In fact, I'm not even sure what's going on during Grey's since I feel like Callie, Christina, Bailey and Alex barely have storylines anymore (on top of disappearing George), and even I forget where Mer and Der are in their relationship. Who HAVE they been concentrating on?

Still, seeing Audra, Taye, Eric Dane, McDreamy altogether was kinda cool. It may have bought themselves a bit more time with the shows but I still think I'm dropping PP and I'm not sure how much more patience I have for Grey's.

Gary Unmarried - Gary and Dennis' Sister, Gary's Ex-Brother-In-Law - Eps. 114, 115

A few months ago I asked what happened to Matthew Lillard. Apparently he's now guest starring on bad sitcoms that I still secretly love to watch. Lillard shows up at Gary's ex-brother-in-law (hence the title of the episode, can you guess what happens in the previous episode? See above pic if you can't figure it out. This show ain't that complicated) who is back to help with Gary's tax audit. And Lillard... is still exactly like Lillard we remember from Scream days. Though I still won't forgive him for the 2 hours I'm never getting back for Scooby-Do, though that was really my own stupidity for renting it free from the library. Stupid me and that I'll watch anything that's free... which might be the reason I still keep watching this show.

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I don't think Faraday is everywhere, but he and the Non-Oceanic 6 get stuck whenever they where when Locke turned the frozen donkey wheel. And that just happens to be circa the seventies (I think) when Dharma dominated the island so they had to assimulate (which kind of proven with Jin yesterday although I wonder if Sawyer actually did so, I see him wonder around with Juliet instead). This is when Faraday in the season opener and he talks to young Charlotte happens.

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