Tuesday, December 04, 2007

iPod Music Playlist - Just Cause They Were Emailed To Me Edition

I don't know why I've been sitting on this, but I wrote this a week ago and just haven't been bothered to publish it. Anyways, work has been crazier than I thought it would be (considering, again, we are supposed to winding DOWN to nothing and yet have had MORE work to do than ever. I'm. Annoyed. What is this? Work at work? Blasphemy.). Anyways, here's just two new songs this time around. Both were emailed to me and I'm just posting it just because.

John Mayer - "Say"

Teatro - "Music of the Night" - Another Il Divo type boy band. Note the "look" when they gaze into the camera. Hilarious! Not bad considering I hate this song. It warms my heart in that Westlife way.


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