Friday, December 07, 2007

Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy - There's More?

Ugly Betty - Zero Worship - Ep. 211
Grey's Anatomy - Crash Into Me: Part 2 - Ep. 410

Usually I'm complaining that there's not enough new TV in December but with the writers strike this year (as well as my own personal hectic schedule), I'm surprised that a few episodes have spilled over to December, especially part 2 of the Grey's Anatomy November sweeps episode that seemed made for November sweeps. On the other hand, the conclusion wasn't as fun as set up with a lot of the doctors being complete dumbasses. Just as the show was getting better, we had an intense episode that showed some of the best things that work (Meredith in doctor saving mode) and what doesn't (Meredith in relationship whiny mode, unrealistic reactions from smart people (Alex constantly looking up at Rebecca during surgery, Derek kissing nurse, Christina whinning to Bailey about being used)).

Meanwhile, Ugly Betty didn't seem as zippy. It was still chock full of brilliant one liners and funny moments but it seemed more broken apart with 3 completely separate storylines that are usually tied in together a little better. Plus, the fact that a few references in the script points out that the episode was intended for 2008 (giant plugs for the Katherine Heigl, James Marsden romantic comedy 27 Dresses, the countdown to Charlie's birth, the fact it was a leap year) made me suprised that ABC wasn't trying to stretch out the remaining episodes they had left into the new year instead of filling into December when I've actually become busy (and let's be honest, it's all about me here and my schedule. It's my blog and I can whine if I want to. (!)). Especially after skipping last week. What the?

So Bradford Meade left a video will of sorts, explaining his choice to take over Meade Publications but in Bradford's fiddling with the camera, he turns it off just as he's about to announce his choice (of course, after Betty comes bumping into the camera giving us a great shot of Betty looking into the camera with her large smile and braces, giving us the great "Ugly Betty" credit image). This leaves Daniel and Alexis fighting for the top position, and while Claire yells at them to work it out, they decide to fight over it with a great game of paintball which somehow ends up being played out at the Mode offices. LOVE IT! (Though, weren't they just getting along? Love the image in the elevator of the squabling siblings, though it was a boy and a girl... and wasn't Alexis a boy before?)

Love Alexis' Barbarelly outfit. Rowr! Now that's a sexy tranny!

Love that even some of the side characters reoccur. I never thought we'd really see Nick Pepper (Max Greenfield) back but there he was was ready to annoy Amanda (and thus, start a fiery affair) with Nick and Kenny (John Cho!) as part of Alexis' team against Daniel and Amanda's. I liked that we saw Nick in the background this season just to keep the consistency when they reused him again in this episode.

Betty and Henry are getting boring so in comes Gio again on a date with Hilda and they rub their exciting dancing date in Betty's face. Betty tries to rub her face into a banana split on Henry's stomach (um, is it me or does Christopher Gorham look slightly unbalanced? He looks ripped but too much so, or maybe I just like clothed geeky Henry more. Those shirts he's been getting are WAY too tight (though the one Justin dressed him in was hilarious!)).

Gio becomes less annoying, Hilda realises he likes Betty more, and I'm thanking god they cast Freddy Rodriquez into the role because I'm loving Gio now (plus I love the fact that 3 of the Six Feet Under cast members are now in lighter fare on ABC).

Meanwhile, Wilhelmina and Marc are trying to find inverstors for "Slater" magazine. Or shall I say "SLAY-TAH" magazine. Whatever, any reason for these two together on screen will be a laugh riot! This time, Wilhelmina needs good publicity (and her singing to sick children will do the trick!) but she steals a cab from Betty White, who she thought was just any old woman), and hurts our favorite Golden Girl. Now the only thing missing was a good ol' St. Olaf story. Betty, the sly, friends of the gays, that she is, pretends to wait for Wilhelmina's apology but milks the feud for all her glory!

So "SLAY-TAH" is dead. But Bradford's Meade's sperm isn't. Apparently she DID go there! So it's onto plan B. If she can't marry a Meade, Wilhelmina will produce one!

On Grey's Anatomy, so much was going on, I forgot which doctor was working on what cases. Plus, the killing Gizzie thing seems to be taking FOREVER. Enough already. I know they are BFF in real life. Let's keep it that way on the show and nothing more.

Um, that's about all I have time to say right now. I may update this a bit more but I actually don't have much to discuss. It was good even though there were some discreptancies in character development but compared to last year, at least it's far less irritating.

More Ugly Betty pictures below.


Anonymous said...

Loved the post! I randomly did a blog search to see if anyone felt the same way I did about the recent epidsode of Ugly Betty. I too thought it was a little lacking. But atleast Gio was there to produce some good laughs.

I'm sooo over Henry & Betty and I just wish he would leave already. Gio is better!

Can't wait to read your blog next week!

Vance said...

oh thanks! but is there new Betty? Some sites say its new. Some say repeat... argh...

Beatrice B said...

Ah! Yes! this episode was delicious. Mainly because we got to see how much the character Gio can bring to the show.

Though weird... I liked the Wilhelmina part of the story. Thought I would have loved Slater to live up to Mode for a while.

Nevermind, the paint fight was not the best plus to the show but I couldn´t help but adore watching them in combat suits. The Pep was charming/annoying enough for me.