Sunday, December 02, 2007

Friday Night Lights - Wanting More Cabo In The Pants

Seeing Other People - Ep. 208

Okay, WHAT??? And before I continue, I'm going to preface this to non-FNL watchers that again, this is one of the BEST shows currently on TV and you must watch Season 1 in a marathon session and then catch up with Season 2. However, there have been some inconsistencies which I've forgiven because the acting is amazing and its history has earned it some getting-out-of-jail free passes. If Friday Night Lights can turn an arrogant character like Smash (above) into something still eminently watchable and fascinating (though it helps to throw him a feisty smart mama like Corina), then Friday Night Light deserves our attention. That being said...

WHAT? That last scene. You know what I'm talking about. I mean, it's probably the best thing he could have done...7 episodes ago but NOW? After so many other people have tried to help him cover it up?

And all thanks to good ol' truth telling Christian Lyla. I know she had no idea what Landry was talking about but ARGH!

Also, why would the cops even consider letting the rapists' brother see Tyra for HIS sense of closure? That was sort of low.

And Julie and Tami? I'm actually on neither side, but when Tami warns the new hot teacher to stay away from Julie, and Julie hears the gossip about Tami calling him a pedophile and screams into the guidance office in tears, I wanted to smack Julie even though I kinda understood her plight.

And as lovely (and funny) as it was for Tami to want a night out, and not the romantic wine and dine one Eric had in mind, and as no-you-did-n't it was when a frustrated and selfish Eric accused Tami of not caring about taking care of the family as she came back from her fun night, it just felt off when Tami told Eric about the Julie incident.

It all just felt slightly off and out of character. Actually, Popwatch says it all here (since I'm hurtin' from the "it's Dec. and I'm desperate for a holiday and the weekend just wasn't enough anymore" blues. 7 more days. 7 more days before my current contract is up...oh wait. then I'm unemployed again... (um, secretly, I'm woohooing actually but I guess I should feign like I want to work)).

What did work was Tim Riggins redeeming himself to the football team by half apologizing/half mocking them. Hilarious. What didn't quite work, the meth lab that he found. Yes, I know. They are everywhere now, including the burbs and small towns but it felt so one-off, worse than the murder.

What also isn't working is Saracen romancing two girls. Actually, that I could kind of see, in that he does it accidentally as opposed to a Riggins-like on purpose. But the maid? Carlotta? I would almost buy it more if she was trying to seduce him or something. Though that's a bit misogynistic of me, no? Or is that even the right word? Still, I guess we all knew this was coming as soon as we saw her and it will make his inevitable return to Julie all the more fulfilling but why can't he just be a good buddy friend to Landry?

I liked that Carlotta has become the caretaker at home, almost becoming a mother-figure at home but I guess that's why the Saracen romance creeps me out. It's more Oedipal than dirty-maid fantasy to me.

The most consistent storyline was probably Smash's, all cocky and egotistical, attending a recruiting trip to one of the colleges where he gets to have "Cabo in his pants". At least until he gets chased away by the biggest and meanest football player on the team, leaving Smash naked out on the street, and getting saved by Saracen, who kindly asks, how was having "Cabo in his pants?". Hilarious! Why can't we have more of the simplicity of that type of scene again?

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