Monday, December 10, 2007

The Amazing Race - How Do I Get A Flight To Dubrovnik?

Cherry on Top of the Sundae That's Already Melted - Ep. 1206

The Amazing Racers are off to Dubrovnik (Doo - Bro - Va - Nick, seriously, is it that hard? Did any team pronounce it correctly?) from Lithuania and it's another battle of the ticket purchasing at the airport. Ronald and Christina call ahead and book tickets, while Kynt and Vyxen stay away from the rest of the herd lining up at the individual airline and heads towards the travel agency. This makes Nathan and Jen doubt their choice and they decide to follow the Goths. Ronald and Christina try to secretly help out Azaria and Hendekea by giving them the number to call, but this sends the brother and sister team off on a wild goose chase trying to reach the phone line as everyone else starts booking their tickets.

Somehow in the end, Azaria and Hendekea book the wrong tickets, first class tickets when rules of The Amazing Race stipulate all airplane tickets must be booked in Economy class.

As teams arrive in Dubrovnik, Croatia, which looks BEAUTIFUL by the way (hmm... mental note, another place I must go visit) they get to run around the city and the town square past my friends on their honeymoon (my friends saw TK and Rachel (based on the hair, she later figured it out which team it was) run past them in the town square with a camera team following so my friends assumed it was The Amazing Race).

Anyways, the teams did a bunch of challenges including finding a rock to fit tetris-like into a wall (!??) and rappelling, zip lining, rowing a boat, but I was just trying to see if I could spot my honeymooning friends the whole time. That while trying to ignore Nathan and Jennifer's constant bickering. They are so over. If they don't break up, I'm going to go over there and break them up for them. There seemed to be some karmic payback for Nathan and Jen at the airport but in the end they actually did better than I hoped, even with a mistake on the last leg. (Anybody have a knife to cut the cord above?)

Ronald and Christina - 1st Place
Nathan and Jennifer - 2nd Place sort of. Since they didn't use a legal form of transportation in the last leg of the race (because a taxi wouldn't take them since they were still wet from one of the challenges), they had to go back, allowing:
Kynt and Vyxen - 2nd Place (YEY!)
Nathan and Jennifer - 3rd Place

Meanwhile, Donald and Nick and Azaria and Hendekea just arrive into the city at the airport. What? They were that behind?
TK and Rachel - 4th Place
Donald and Nicholas - 5th Place
Azaria and Hendekea - 6th and last place. Wait. There was only 6 teams left? Already? Didn't this just start? Boy time flies...Wait, we are already down to the top 5 teams? Why do I feel like there are more teams racing somewhere that we just forgot about?

Next week is the Survivor: China Finale, then The Amazing Race Returns on Christmas Eve's Eve (Dec. 23rd).

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