Friday, December 07, 2007

Survivor: China - The Chinese Invented A Lot Of Stuff, Just Not The Fortune Cookie

Ready to Bite the Apple - Ep. 1511
Going for the Oscar - Ep. 1512

I've been watching Survivor: China on and off (sorry but it loses out to Ugly Betty and 30 Rock) but last week was so great when James was finally blindsided and voted off. The faces of smug happiness from everyone else, jury and all, was one of the funniest moments of any recent season. Though it's to James credit that he actually seemed okay with the move in the post-elimination speech to the camera.

Amanda was brilliant (finally, after weeks of heehawing about voting off James, finally they just DID IT) in initiating the move, though I guess Todd is louder about it all somehow in that leadership role which I think will seem to become the new target in next weeks episode. I have to say, when Amanda thought of the plan, I was like. Who is she? I haven't been watching this season that closely but I hadn't seen her at ALL before.

Anyways, last night was the family reunion episode (boring) and I only caught the second half while at a friend's place (hence, no 30 Rock recap today. I know, they don't watch 30 Rock, shameful) but it was the possibility of a big shift, with Denise as a possible swing voter that could save Peih-Gee and Erik, setting her up for at least final 3 as opposed to only final 4 (with Todd, Courtney and Amanda), but in the end Denise, chickened out (which I actually don't blame her for because you never know what happens with final 4 anyways and as we saw in the clip for next week, Amanda seems to make her move to backstab Todd).

Meanwhile, what the hell is Courtney still doing there (or what's left of her)? I thought I would skip a few weeks and she would be gone, but alas, I forget the week and stupid are usually the last ones to leave the party (Tara Reid could play her in the reenactment of reality TV when the scripts run out!)

I'm still rooting for Todd the lone guy left, well, just cause, and while some find him evil (and it seems no one could trust him even with horrific news from back home that seems made up but is probably actually true), I find him clever if not a bit jumpy and a bit spastic but apparently I have a thing for that. Amanda is totally impressing me, while Peih-Gee will impress me for a moment, then return to her irritating ways. I like Denise and it's time for her to step up her moves in the game and she probably made the wrong move last night but I'm kinda glad she did. Anyways, angry Todd looks funny next week.

So, so long Erik, who I liked but since he teamed with Peih-Gee, I just couldn't support him. And meanwhile, in a second week where the questions pertained to China and Chinese culture, Peih-Gee won the challenge with her advantage of you know, actually being Chinese (I mean, I didn't exactly know all the answers either but based on what my parents have rattled on over my years, I could deduce the answers pretty easily and I'm sure it was the same for Peih-Gee). Seemed a little too set up? No? So Peih-Gee had the immunity idol, thus sending Erik on his way.

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