Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Survivor: China - Finale - Faked Out

Some quick thoughts on the Survivor: China finale.

You know, I so wanted to root for underdog cafeteria woman Denise but what is WRONG with her? She could have been final 3 if she only had the backbone to switch sides a week ago, two weeks ago, 3 weeks ago, but she didn't. Then she goes and votes for Courtney? The least deserving Survivor contestant EVER?

I thought Todd owned about 3/4 of the show with his manipulations and master planning but I thought Amanda came into her own at the end and had a fair deserved chance to win, but boy did Amanda suck in the final tribal council.

When will people learn that owning up to their strategies and power plays will actually earn respect from the jury and get you votes to win? Todd was amazing at working his wordly magic there. Amanda just sulked and apologized.

And who the hell else voted for Courtney?

Love that Jeff called out Denise on going for Final 4 instead of Final 3, but I still didn't buy her excuse. It was such a stupid move. So stupid. I feel for the sad lady and I wanted to root for her but that was just so sad.

So apparently Instinct magazine did spoil the finale of Survivor when they pre-published the winner on their cover last month. Oops!


Anonymous said...

And it turns out she's a liat too. Apparently she didn't loose her $7/hr job, she was promoted to janitor at $17/hr BEFORE leaving to do Survivor. http://hollywoodinsider.ew.com/2007/12/school-superint.html

Anonymous said...

That should be 'liar'. I should never type before having coffee...