Thursday, December 06, 2007

Oh Joy, Music Now

Let's be honest, the Grammy Awards, while grouped as the leading awards along with the Emmy's for TV and the Oscars for Movies, is really just a third-cousin behind the other two with awards for every possible category and nomination choices that are always a bit dubious (though not as dubious as every other music awards show so maybe it's just the industry). (On the other hand, looking at the previous 2 years of the Emmy's and the debacle at the 2006 Oscars and maybe it's not that different).

Anyways, the nominations for the 50th Annual Grammy Awards are out.

I'll expand on this later if I can muster enough energy to care.

On the bright side, Spring Awakening is up for Best Cast Recording. On the other hand, what other real choices do they really have? How could they have NOT nominated it? It's actually up against the cast recording of Company which is just SPECTACULAR (just listen to Raúl Esparaza's "Being Alive" and tell me you don't get the chills) but as good of a recording and show it was, the award definitely belongs to Spring Awakening, the most thrilling new Broadway Cast Recording to come out in years. (The Best Musical Show Album category also has A Chorus Line, Grey Gardens and West Side Story (?) filling out the slots).

I'll keep updating my peanut gallery comments after the jump:

Oh! Feist got some nods! Best Newcomer and Best Female Vocal Pop!
And Best Short From Music Video and Pop Album! Though up against new tabloid queen/trainwreck Amy Winehouse (whose album IS good but I'd much rather give an award to Feist than see Winehouse ruin her speech, as funny as it may all turn out to be) in several categories.

Holy Frig, how many Gospel categories are there? Best Contemporary R&B Gospel Album, Best Traditional Gospel Album, Best Southern, Country, Or Bluegrass Gospel Album, Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album, Best Rock Or Rap Gospel Album (hahahahhahaa... I GOTTA HEAR THIS SH!T), Best Gospel Song, Best Gospel Performance

Aloha! There's a Best Hawaiian Music Album category? Why don't any other states get a category of their own?

EH! Walter Ostanek was nominated yet again for Best Polka Album! Polka everyone!

There's a category for Best Album Notes?

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