Thursday, December 20, 2007

30 Rock - Merry Ludachristmas!

Ludachristmas - Ep. 209

As you may have noticed, I've been a bad blogger lately since my last job ended and I went to NY on a small holiday. This season is always busier for all and I thought I could keep up but I haven't. Anyways, this is a week late but the 30 Rock Christmas episode was so good that I couldn't let it go without a small write up.

Plus, I wanted to show this (cropped, sorry, I'm staying anonymous for now (though isn't my hand lovely? Maybe I should be a hand model!)! ha! though I will promise to answer back the Meme ABlogNextDoor sent me) picture!

Plus, I know it has already circulated around the web but at the end, when Tracy's ankle bracelet is activated, the map shown is hilarious, with all the Lohan's on the map (D for Donata, M for Michael, L for Lindsay), as well as a C. Bacca (Chew?) and Michelle Rodriguez in Hawaii (the first of many Lost cast members charged with a DUI). Ha! How awesome! So sad to remember that Lindsay once had so much promise but apparently Mean Girls really WAS all Tina Fey's doing.

So, Liz's family comes to New York including brother Mitch (Andy Richter) who still thinks it's the night before prom during the Reagan era (good times for Jack! Jack: (about Mitch) "In his mind, Reagan is still President? You lucky bastard."). Jack and his mom (Elaine Stritch, who really should be made permanent or guest star a LOT) are the exact opposite (Jack: "Mother, there are terrorist cells that are more nurturing than you are") of the wholesome good natured Lemons but Jack's mom Colleen is determine to show Jack that they are not what they seem.

Meanwhile, Tracy is not allowed to drink alcohol because of a new ankle bracelet the courts have ordered and Kenneth does everything in his power to keep Tracy dry during the LudaChristmas party.

I loved that Jack actually loved the Lemons and couldn't understand their angle at first. Loved that Elaine Stritch didn't buy it at all! I love Andy Richter, his Andy Richter Controls the Universe was one of those brilliant and cancelled too early gems, but while his character here was amusing, somehow I felt he was underused. Is it me or does 30 Rock work better with guest stars who haven't had a show of their own before (Richter, Seinfeld)?

The whole Christmas party shenanigans was awesome, and just coddled my blessed holiday heart. Just a simple reveal of Jenna's shimmering dress hidden beneath shows just how funny Jane Krakowski can be with a simple walk. However, Kenneth trapping everyone into a meeting, with Dotcom and Grizz guarding the door against runaways probably topped the whole holiday episode!

Anyways, Colleen gets her wish when Liz finally discovers her parents had missed her football game during high school to attend a movie with Mitch and out comes the claws as the Lemons start tearing themselves apart. Merry Christmas Colleen and Jack! Merry Christmas to all! (See you 30 Rock on Jan. 10th in the new year!)


Liz said...

HA! I noticed L. Lohan when it aired, but not the other two! God, I love this show.

Chus said...

This is what I think: Betty White