Wednesday, December 05, 2007

NPH Joins The Mile High Club

I just had to post this because the cover of American Airlines magazine made me laugh after I saw a post about it on AfterElton. Here's the link to the article.

Can we love Neil Patrick Harris even more? How much longer until Harold and Kumar2: Escape from Guatanamo Bay? What would NPH do to survive the wait?

I have to say, some of the magazines, or at least magazine covers are getting better and better. Although I pretty much only fly Air Canada (cause I have to), I will say the covers of their magazine EnRoute are usually pretty snazzy. Though we like to promote our own (or is it, they the only people we can get for a cover shoot?). Anyways, shots of Michael Bublé with Nelly Furtado, Jann Arden with Feist, Hayden Christensen and Ryan Reynolds below.

Michael with Nelly! So cute! (Though Michael's looking a little pale... where's a proper lighting guy when you need him?)

Jann Arden and Feist

Hayden Christensen (looking a little JTish)

Ryan Reynolds


Anonymous said...

But I never fly American Airlines!!!

mB said...

I love me some NPH. And can I just say I loove those Hayden pics, probably more so than any of his career choices since those pesky prequels...