Monday, December 03, 2007

The Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters - Karma, Nature and Lena are Total Bitches

The Amazing Race - We've Really Burned Bridges, for Sure - Ep. 1205
Desperate Housewives - Something's Coming - Ep. 409
Brothers & Sisters - Holy Matrimony! - Ep. 209

Boy, Karma is sure a bitch sometimes, especially on The Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives. Meanwhile, the cavalcade of 80's stars continues on Brothers & Sisters, this time with everyone gathering in one episode for the very special episode of Kitty and Robert's wedding, but with a no-show from the very much anticipated return of hot-reverend Jason (Eric Winter).

Anyways, my head hurts from the weekend and I wish I could say it was all the drinking but it's not. My brain just hurts because it doesn't feel like operating today (or really the past month actually) and it's now December and I'm officially already on holiday mode even though my job isn't quite yet so this will be more twisted (I know. Sad of me in even trying) and messier than normal.

The Amazing Race: I realised I still don't know what Rachel looks like because we barely ever see her and if we do, I'm usually fascinated/disgusted by TK's hair that I forget she's there.

For once, no animals, instead, the Travelocity Roaming Gnome is back. I'd make a comment/joke about product placement right now but I'm just not that smart right now.

Nathan and Jen continue to self destruct, then make up, then self destruct, then make up. It's just too easy.

Meanwhile, the blondes (who really HAD to use the U-Turn last week to save themselves) are now infighting over the strategic move forcing Karma to bite back leaving them last in the race this week where the teams were back in Europe racing towards Lithuania.

On Desperate Housewives: A twister is coming and the big twist is one of the housewives husbands is going to die. Oh no Doug Savant! Whew, luckily it occurred to me that technically speaking, Victor was still married to Gaby even as Gaby and Carlos were about to sneak away from Wisteria Lane, Edie and Victor with hidden off-shore bank accounts in hand.

Of COURSE there's only ONE copy of the hidden accounts and Edie manages to get ahold of it when she's mistaken for Gaby and is just handed the account info. Gaby catches Edie leaving with it and fights for the documents just as the twister touches down on Wisteria Lane, of course blowing away the ONLY documents and thus, the millions hidden away by Carlos. They are forced to hide in Edie's house (after a nice push from a reluctant Gaby) and they make friends. Of course.

Meanwhile, Victor and Carlos fight to the death during the twister, until Victor gets stabbed by a white picket fence (how appropriate) and Carlos gets impaled by something (which was sadly sort of funny the way it was played out. Carlos, not Victor, that was just gross).

A crazed Tina Fey lookalike who is stalking Adam Mayfair is invited in by a nosy Bree, and just as the Mayfairs join the Hodges and crazy Tina Fey locks herself in the only safe place in the house, the twister comes forcing the rest of them into a closet. A closet where the truth comes out and Katherine might not be the villain we thought her to be, or at least, her vision of her perfect marriage comes crumbling down, bonding her and Bree for just a little bit. The secret from Chicago is out and ... uh, that's it? He slept with crazy Tina Fey? So what? We're a cynical bunch and sleeping around is soap opera 101, we expected a bigger twist(er)... or is this done with yet? Dum Dum DUM...

Something horrible is going to happen to Lynette (cause doesn't it always?) but it's not having her husband killed by the twister or suffocating from allergies to Ida's cat that he's forced to bunker down with at Mrs. McCluskey's house. No, it's having her entire house destroyed by the twister... Wait. Was that Mrs. McCluskey's house or Lynette's? With the Scavo family or without?

Either way, does ANYTHING good ever happen to Lynette?

And I'm just going to ignore the whole Susan Mike pillpopping pushed over a staircase storyline. All good that came out of it was a scene with James Denton giving puppy dog eyes. The rest of this storyline was mostly ignorable. Especially since the rest was pretty great/horrific/funny/touching.

Though I still can't believe they tried killing Victor TWICE, revive him, then kill him again with a natural disaster. Just when I was getting excited about crazed angry Victor, but I figured he had to return to Mad Men at some point.

Meanwhile on Brothers & Sisters: Kitty and Robert finally get married. Crazy Garry Marshall is back and everyone in that family is ignoring Kevin for dumping Jason. Meanwhile, Scotty gets ignored at the wedding. Chevy Chase smokes up and Danny Glover comes to push Chevy out of Nora's heart's way. Meanwhile, in possibly the best line of the night, Kevin explains that he threatened to kill the senator when Kevin, Tommy and Chevy Chase are locked up by the secret service. Trust me. It makes more sense coming out of Matthew Rhys' mouth. Funnier too.

Anyways, a cute episode with a billion plotlines, too much Lena and her seducing ways again, Justin finding out that everyone knew about Lena's affair with Tommy, and generally just a mess with that storyline, but the wedding was cute if not more memorable. For THE wedding episode, I expected more but maybe it's good the alcoholic Walker clan has chilled a bit, becoming more realistic and less operatic.

The guy trying to blackmail Robert, that Kitty and Kevin blackmailed, is back, and things almost seem resolved but aren't, but are left for future episodes. Uh okay, whatever to get Danny Glover back into the episode I guess?

Oh yeah, and Ken Olin reunites with real life wife Patricia Wettig as he appears at Holly's door. Of course, we knew this would happen at some point since he's also a producer.

Anyways, here was this week's placings on The Amazing Race:

TK & Rachel - 1st Place
Kynt & Vyxsin - 2nd Place
Ron & Christina - 3rd Place
Azaria & Hendekea - 4th Place
Nathan & Jennifer - 5th Place
Nicolas & Donald - 6th Place
Shana & Jennifer - eliminated


Liz said...

Seriously, one copy? Worst shady accountant EVER.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to miss Rachel since she keeps disappearing every time she turns sideways.