Sunday, December 09, 2007

30 Rock and Friday Night Lights - Freak Out On NBC's Two Best

30 Rock - Secrets and Lies - Ep. 208
Friday Night Lights - The Confession - Ep. 209

Just like C.C. and Jack, I'm a bit torn since isn't G.E. one of the worst in corporate/social/environmental responsibility (in their category, electronic companies? energy companies? can't remember now? Or so I read in some magazine somewhere recently)? But here is NBC, part of the G.E. Corp. with two of the best shows on TV. Even Greenzo can't make up for it. Shoot, oh well, at least in Canada our viewing numbers don't count for NBC. Yeah. I'll use that excuse!

So C.C. and Jack are still secretly seeing each other on 30 Rock, and C.C. wants to go public after compromising her political career for their relationship, but that freaks Jack out. They take a first step in having a dinner with friends, but once they take out anyone of importance, influence or who might know someone who knows someone important that might blab about the relationship, the dinner party is left with Liz Lemon and Kenneth as the sole guests.

Meanwhile, Tracy is jealous of Jenna's new award (Best Actress in a Movie based on a Musical based on a Movie, which really, soon, will really be able to have its own category soon at the Golden Globes) so Liz must find ways to appease Tracy's ego. This causes Jenna to be jealous of Tracy and the madness escalates. Jenna gets her entourage (of gays of course), starts disappearing during the workday, and becomes an all round pain. Or at least, an even bigger pain. So I loved when Liz finally lets it spill that she already appeases Jenna's craziness too and that her award was just a cookie!

Meanwhile, Toofer and Frank start dressing like each other to piss and freak each other out. I'm not even sure where that came from but Toofer as Frank was some scary (and funny) stuff.

Loved all the crazy antics again on 30 Rock. Completely hilarious and off the wall and while Edie Falco was always my favorite on The Sopranos, she's gotten even higher in my books for playing comedy just right!

Also, when Jack finally publicly announced his relationship with C.C. to all his conservative colleagues, loved all the Hollywoodized confessions joining Jack's. Though maybe the guy who murdered his wife may have wanted to keep that to himself still.

On Friday Night Lights, were we switch to the completely opposite tone (though where almost every guy is still freaking out about something):

Teary moment of the night: When Santiago thanks Buddy after his first game, just because.

Teary moment of the night 2: When Landry let's Tyra know that no charges will be filled. But I'm getting ahead of myself, because there was a lot of screaming at Landry on the TV up to that point.

Landry has confessed and while the police department is basically handing him the opportunity to talk his way out of it, giving him every excuse why killing a rapist might have been self defence, Landry, in fits of emotion and guilt, will have none of it and fights on that he killed the man plain and simple.

I know Landry was feeling guilty but was he really that stupid? Did we all not want to smack him on the side of his head?

Speaking of smacking, Matt wakes up in bed with Carlotta (almost narrowly being discovered by grandma), who later meet up at Matt's work, which impresses Smash! See, that's how you get "Cabo in the pants".

Love that Riggins is freaked out by the drugs he's been forced to live with and is making up for it by pushing hard to return onto the team.

Eric, who still thinks Riggins is just some slacker, puts him to work including doing the teams laundry but Riggins takes it all just to avoid returning to his new dwelling. I'm seriously loving Riggins right now.

Over on the other side of town, Riggins best friend Jason Street goes on a blind Internet date and things go well until Jason freaks out midway through (uh, did she say pee?) and sneaks out of the date. He enables the help of a poor waitress who gets water tossed on by the ditched date, and the waitress ends up driving Jason home and makes out in the car until morning.

And just as I was about to question where Jason's parents were, there they are freaking out about Jason's disappearance. Love that Jason is still incredibly respectful, with tons of "sorry sir's" and "will never happen again"'s and that there still ARE parents in charge. Of course, Jason moves out in the end montage clip, thanks to Herc's urging as Jason starts needing his own space.

Speaking of which, Tami and Eric are preparing for Gracie's Christening while dealing with Julie's continued bad attitude. Tami, you let her have it!

Meanwhile, Santiago freaks out on Buddy, preparing to leave, feeling smothered in his newfound (stable) situation. Loved it when Buddy, partially unprepared for it, still gives a heartfelt father-son type speech proving why Buddy can be a good guy, and that he was actually in this for the long run. No tears yet though.

Buddy asks Eric to put Santiago in the game, and when the regular defence fumbles several times, in goes an unprepared Santiago, weight of the world on his shoulders and all. After a first stumble, Santiago sees the moment and seizes it, making a game-turning tackle, helping the Panthers gain momentum to win the game. It was a victorious and happy ending but one that was quite deserved, especially after dealing with the pains of Landry's situation all episode. Santiago, encountering a proud Buddy after the game, thanks Buddy. Probably for straightening him out, for giving that father-type speech. But loved that he just thanked him. Simple as that. Okay NOW, cue watery eyes.

Finally, Landry, finally realising his way out, goes to Tyra to verify that she had really been in danger that fateful night.

Landry returns to the police station to give his confession, with full self-defence reasoning and all, and in the end, no charges are laid and we can rest easy and move on now...fresh into the new year.


Anonymous said...

I heart Riggins. Julie needs to be slapped...again. What happened to the older teacher story line?? On the fence with the Matt and Carlotta storyline. How old is she??

Vance said...

Yeah, I'm on the fence with Carlotta too. I don't like it but when you watch Zach Gilford, you can't help but love anything he does as Matt.

Liz said...

Can't speak to FNL, but this was one of my favorite 30 Rocks of the season (of course, that list of "favorites" includes more than half the episodes so far, but still...). I totally hear you on GE sucking, but at least they make some reference to that on the show (the poor little orange children!). Or at least that's what I'm telling myself.

Vance said...

Me too, at least the orange children got $5 Million each... (and cue the continued blurring on TV and my own reality...)

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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