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Project Runway - Maybe Disasters Are More Fun?

Fashion Giant - Ep. 403
Trendsetter - Ep. 404

Let's be honest here. The last two challenges, creating a suit for a man (Tiki Barber which I guess should impress me but since I know nothing about football except Tom Brady, doesn't) and creating a modern look out of a MIXTURE of outdate styles, were disasters that couldn't be avoided. Man, a lot of the outcoming outfits were FUGLY.

But let's be honest here, male models? Unfair as it was, and uncreatively fulfilling as it was, they have GOT to do this challenge again!

Sadly, Heidi's was definitely the best outfit of the night.

Tiki is one sharp looking dude but since it is for The Today Show broadcast, I'm guessing the more conservative with a splash of colour, the better.

Everyone (except Elisa and Kevin I gather) are excited about having male models this week, though really, some of the designers could be male models themselves.

Jack uses himself as a template to construct his design. Christian thinks Asians are FIERCE (we are, we are!) and I'm beginning to like Jillian, Steven (both below) and Kit even more.

So let's get started, since most of the designs were a disaster, or pretty basic at worst, I'm going to rate the models themselves too! Hey, I know I'm not the best looking guy in the world but let me have this PLEASE... if I can't have the 6 pack, let me make fun of those who do... PLEASE...

Carmen's design on Yaniv:
I think the lack of a shirt might have actually been the BEST part of Carmen's losing outfit. Yaniv (looking like a gaunt underfed Clive Owen) looks pissed. I think more for having to wear the hat than the scarf as shirt.

Chris' design on Andres:
It's a basic plain dark suit on a plain dark and broody lover. You can see the jealousy rages already, and though it wasn't his decision to slick back all that hair, I would be scared if the mafia were after me and they sent him. That or I would be scared of his service at the local restaurant. No tip for you!

Christian's design on David:
I never got those side zipper things on sweaters but relatively speaking, this look wasn't TOO bad but again, we are grading on a heavy curve for this competition. David meanwhile reminds me too much of the smirky Danny from SYTYCD 3 so I hate him already.

Jack's design on Jack (seriously? Jack on Jack?):
I hate the hair (again, not Jack's fault, it's Jack's fault) and he looks like Bert (of Bert and Ernie), no? I swear I have a shirt and pants like that already, in those colours. It's a nice clean look that you can buy at any Holts, Bergdorf's or even Banana Republic nowadays but it works, though I can't believe Jack won for this.

Jillian's design on Nelson:
Why do I feel like Eros Ramazzotti is playing in the background? He looks like a playa and if not careful, we all could possibly be seduced and then regret it (much) later. The outfit is standard and looks a bit too baggy (though every single one of these outfits looks baggy but that might have to do more with the models anorexia than the original outfits themselves) but its nice. I'm liking Jillian more and more every week.

Kevin's design on Thomas:
Again, like Jack's outfit, it's basic and what is currently in, but it works, and I like the pink and the purple tie. Kevin got points off for pinning the vest together (basically not completely the outfit like almost every designer) but I think I would have preferred this winning to Jack's. It would have at least gotten me 10 points in the Fantasy Team game (Kevin's on my roster, currently along with Victorya and Christian though I may switch it up again this week). As for Thomas, he looks like a spoiled brat. Someone that knows he can get by on his looks and survive off that (oh wait, isn't that all models?) and he seems dumb as a kite. Neh, not for me.

Kit's design on Imbrahm:
Didn't Tommy Hilfiger do this look? A LOT? Basic and clean but I guess it works. Ditto with the model though I think I read a bit more Tyson 'tude than I do Taye Diggs appeal (sorry, Tyson bothers me, oh wait. Or is it Tyrese? Which one's the mean one?)

Rami's design on Derek:
I don't know why (well, maybe cause my hair is similar because my stupid Chinese hair only sticks up like that even with product) but I like that boyish haircut. The model could put on perhaps 10 more pounds to soften him up. Meanwhile, Rami does it again, creating a clean but modern look. Not winning by any means but capable if not a bit safe, but hey, again, in this challenge, making it non-fugly is a challenge apparently.

Ricky's design on Yoneiry:
Really basic and Ricky gets called out for it. The model looks fun but maybe it's cause he's the only one smiling in the photos so far.

Steven's design on Paul:
Paul looks like he's going to murder someone for having to put that scarf on. What's with the big collars? Mistake? or new Fashion trend? The rest is pretty good though, but again, what's with the slicked hair?

Sweet P's design on Marcus:
Oh wait, I spoke too soon. Marcus REALLY looks like he's going to murder someone for being forced to wear this. At first glance it's a disaster but the more I look, the pants seem decent (if not basic again) and the tie is nice. The shirt could have been intentional. Reminds me of a Gorden Gartrel made by Denise Huxtable. Still, apparently the designers didn't know what to do with the guys hair except load it with gel and slick it back. Or is that the look in NY these days? I guess I'll find out tomorrow again (Woot woot! One more day until my vacation in NY!).

Victorya's design on Mike:
Is it me or does the jacket remind you of some aging rock star outfit? Ringo? Mick? Paul Simon? Luckily Victorya had the most youthful looking guy to make you forget that, but again, whats with the slicked back hair? Am I missing something? Totally looks like that cocky prepster on the track/lacrosse team... not that there's anything wrong with that!

So in the end, Ricky, Sweet P. and Carmen were bottom 3 with poor Carmen is Auf'd after running out of time and scamming her way with a scarf as a shirt, and creating an overall design that wouldn't have worked anyways even if it WAS all constructed properly.

Then, as if making menswear wasn't bad enough (since it was more of an exercise in technical skills and time management than anything else), the designers were then given back their female models, but asked to team up in 3's AFTER the had chosen an outdated style that they were to incorporate into their new modern look. Then, the teams were to unify the looks and incorporating all THREE outdated looks into the designs.

Steven is stressed already in his group with leader Chris and Sweet P. since it doesn't look unifying.

Victorya pulls out the passive aggressiveness onto reluctant leader Ricky and bowls him over with her bossiness (above, Victorya: Do I look like I'm kidding bitch?). As much as I've been disappointed with Ricky's outfits, I did feel bad for him for owning up to being leader (not usually a good thing we've learned now on Project Runway throughout the years and editions) and then being jerked around by Victorya. Seriously, the passive aggressiveness is bred into our Asian genes I tell ya (hmm... wait, so it's not REALLY my fault is it?).

Team Jillian: Outdated styles: 70's Flare, Overalls, Poodle Skirt
Rami's design:
Kevin's design:
Jillian's design:
Considering this challenge, this team won rightfully so. Although I thought Rami made the dress that is labelled as Kevin's above. Either way, that's my favorite of the bunch.

Team Christian: Outdated Styles: Zoot Suit, Pleather, Fringe
Kit's design:
Jack's design
Christian's design:

It was alright. They were lucky to stick with black that probably hid some stuff. It looks better in pictures now but I didn't think Jack's looked that great going down the runway. Kit's is probably my favorite of this bunch.

Team Chris: Outdated Styles: Shoulder pads, Baggy Sweater, Dancewear
Chris' design:
Steven's design:
Sweet P.'s design:
If you took off the shoulderpad jacket from Chris' outfit, it wouldn't be that bad. In fact, if you took out the shoulder pads, it wouldn't be that bad. I'm really not sure how you could make shoulderpads work. Sweet P's was singled out as great and it really was. I didn't mind Steven's but it does stand out slightly from the rest because of the difference in material but I didn't think it was THAT un-unified. I think Chris got a bit unlucky here.

Team Ricky: Neon, Cutouts, Underwear as Outerwear
Ricky's design:
Elisa's design:
Victorya's design:
Like the judges said, in theory, Elisa's and Ricky's could have been decent, but it looks poorly made. Meanwhile, as Ricky and Victorya were bickering and Ricky helps out Victorya, he ends up making her dress looking the most polished. Again though, it was a difficult challenge since they were working against a lot of variables. Still, Ricky's was terrible and considering he's usually bottom 3, it's not a good sign.

So just as I was starting to really like Chris, who seemed funny and genuine with a flair for design, poor teamleader Chris gets Auf'd for some hideous shoulderpads. Bitch, Alexis Carrington strikes again!

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