Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Gossip Girl - A Debut Of Morals And Sense

Hi, Society - Ep. 110

When did the adults on Gossip Girl actually know best? When did the moralizing on this show begin?

Of course, I say that inspite of Serena's grandmother being the evil manipulative queen that she tried to be. Is Gossip Girl becoming more emotionaly resonant instead of just a flashy trashy soap-opera-goodness? I'm not complaining. We still get the pretty people with bitchy dialogue but now with more emotional depth. I'm just surprised. Gossip Girl is actually striving for a bit more than what we expected from this guilty piece of fluff which may have just moved out of the guilty and just gone into pure pleasure TV! Still, first Allison warns Jenny of what she's becoming, and meanwhile Lily actually seems cool for once. I'm loving Kelly Rutherford as Lily. I didn't at first, she was kind of a Kelly Rowan wannabe but she's growing nicely into her own character.

Anyways I'm getting ahead of myself. It's the big Debut at the Cotillion's Ball this week (what is this? The OC? Oh wait. It is...), and Serena doesn't plan to go, much to her grandmother's disappointment. But never fear, she's ready to manipulate the world and feign sickness to guilt Lily (who also didn't go to her Debut) into forcing Serena to go.

We learn that Lily was just as big a rebel as Serena is now, and that pristine upper crust she puts on right now really just hides her former love with Rufus, a love grandma CeCe tried to put a quash on by buying Rufus out, and threatening Lily's inheritance if they were to continue to the ball. Oh wicked grandmother!

Meanwhile, Rufus defies Cece, Dan defies CeCe. Dan shows up CeCe by taking Serena to the Debut despite her manipulative attempts. I knew there was a reason I loved Dan and the Humphrey's! Dan warns Serena of her grandmother's evil ways which angers Serena who then decides to go to the ball with Carter Baizen.

On the other hand, Jenny, looking all starry eyed (more than normal I mean), wants to VOLUNTEER at the Debut just to be close to the rich, but it coincides with her mom Allison's gallery opening. Lily unknowingly gladly ushers her in and both are caught shoe shopping after Allison buys Jenny a cheap pair of shoes.

Meanwhile, it's a mess between Blair, Nate, Chuck and Carter Baizen. Blair isn't going with Nate, still having her affair with Chuck (which seems very Flowers In The Attic/ Angels & Insects/ Cruel Intentions somehow with the two evils hooking up, and who IMO seem more like an evil brother and sister team), but Nate is intrigued by a new looser Blair and they decide to finally go to the ball together, angering Chuck. Chuck makes Nate think there's something with Blair and Carter causing Nate to punch him out...

Got all that? Yeah, I didn't quite either since I would have thought Nate would punch Carter out for the gambling trick he pulled but potato pO tA Toe. It's a Ball on Gossip Girl and by the rules of The OC, there has GOT to be a fist fight. So now that that's over, with Nate looking terribly hot and ruffled (seriously, who DOESN'T want to use their hand to mess up his hair even more than pat it down flat? Just like how I want to do it to Lee Pace's Ned. Is it some sort of syndrome this year? Did the hair union go on strike too? Though I actually kinda love it, but again, for said reason above).

There's lots of confusion and Nate and Blair finally get back together with a loving wink from "friend" Nate who thinks Chuck helped him get Blair back but Chuck is crazy jealous so leaves for the ... wait for it... airport...

boy, jealous much?


Meanwhile, you know Serena and Dan would eventually get back together... everybody now... AWWWWWW

How can you NOT love this show and especially these two?


Bianca Reagan said...

I love this recap!

Vance said...

oh thanks!

NOELLE said...

I love that you posted these gorgeous photos!
Especially the one where Dan is dipping Serena, while kissing her. They show in a later episode of Gossip Girl (I think season 2) the same picture is framed and on her nightstand.