Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Project Runway Canada - California Weaving

Resort Wear Galore - Ep. 109 (Watch here)

It's time to take a trip kids and the remaining 5 contestants are whisked away from sunny Toronto (we DO get sun you know... for like, those 8 week a year in the summer) to sunny California for their next task. To construct some resort wear for their models. AND themselves. Nice! I love these tasks, though I totally expected them to be forced to wear it back on the plane ride back to Canada but I guess that was a jetsetters task on Catwalk or Runway America. Can't remember now.

Biddell reverts back to nice Biddell (oh sure, now that he doesn't have immunity anymore) with Stephen again in another whiplash of personality and actually seems genuine. The bitchiness towards Lucian is still there but that's good news for us.

Anyways, Nick Verreos of Project Runway 2 comes in to sub for Brian Bailey/Tim Gunn and Lucian hates it. He doesn't DO this thing. He doesn't do criticism before the deadline. He's been at the top of the game the entire season, but when Nick predicts Lucian might be out this week, does that show that Nick is some jealous teacher or Lucian is really in trouble?

Sadly, it's the later, when Lucian takes his Euroglamour and makes resortwear fit for Eurotrash. His dress looks like something Jennifer Lopez would have rejected in the Miami heat, while poor Lucian looked gayer than a pimp on the French Riviera during the Cannes film fest.

Meanwhile, Biddell, with fake chest print and a Little Red Riding Hood in some massive bleaching accident, takes his wild and hilarious outfit down the runway, dropping Shawn Hewson's jaw and making the others laugh with glee. I love that Iman is letting her emotions show through her regal front, but the crack of a smile from Rita (the Canadian version of Nina Garcia meaning precisely that, like Nina but slightly less sharp, slightly nicer) is hilarious! His model's dress is below with the rest of the pictures of all the designs.

I love that Iman seems to have his soft for Stephen who, since teaming up with Lucian, seems to have taken all his strengths and used them advantageously, this time creating something breezy and crisp that are the definition of sophisticated (if not simplistic) resort wear.

MG continues her bubble love and the judges (except Shawn again) loves it.

So things are not looking good for Lucian, except, Shernett is around, and another former contender falters with an overdetailed piece that grew on Shawn the more he looked at it, but did NOT define resort wear and the judges fault her for not listening and not editing.

In the end, even though the judges hated Lucian's designs the most, his previous track record saved him while the poor showings from the last 2 weeks cemented Shernett's loss and in the end, Shernett just didn't measure up.

I have to say, considering the first few weeks, I can't believe Stephen has now outlasted Carlie, Kendra and now Shernett, but he is improving fast and just in time to perhaps get him into the finals. Still, I can't believe he's still here! He's like the underdog story for this edition of Project Runway.

Here is the rest of the designer's outfits:



MG's winning outfits:

Shernett's losing design:

Stephen's design:
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Anonymous said...

Iman pun of the week:
"You were designing for a cruise on the South of France... but you went overboard"

I can't remember the exact words... but still equally hilarious.

Vance said...

Yeah, that was good. I'm loving Iman. You could tell she knew it was a hokey pun but sold it with gusto!

Anonymous said...

Iman is hilarious as the host. Of the four hosts on the three versions of the show, she seems to be the most opinionated. I wasn't sure what to expect from her, but it's been great.

Wasn't thrilled with Nick.

Anonymous said...

Nick was terribly blah... I was just waiting for something to happen!

When Stephen said "this is for you" and started his model walk in the high heels, I nearly died of laughter.

Vance said...

I have to say, I'm totally loving Stephen more. He's like a little kid growing up and slowly realising he's actually capable and allowed to do anything he wants.

Yeah, I forgot Nick was even on the show until I started recapping this thing...

Anonymous said...

Vance,,, The reality of it is just this,,,I figured I should just try to have as much fun with life as i possibly can!! I hope it's something everyone will do!! It makes life so much more enjoyable andit's the best way to deal with a stressful situation!!