Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Beauty And The Geek - Ever Ever After

And the Winner Is... - Ep. 413 - Season Finale

(Yes, I'm listening to Carrie Underwood's "Ever Ever After" from the Enchanted Soundtrack right now...)

My friend messaged me warning about the lameness about the whole "live" finale show so by the time I watched Beauty and the Geek last night (after Gossip Girl) I was prepared for the lame cheesy audience reaction shots and poorly edited "live" finale.

The great news was that the whole reunion was a great reminder of the fun times and the great geeks we've had all season (uh, what happened to Josh, I mean he wasn't bad looking before but he's HOT now... though still geekily awkward as ever! How painful/hilarious was it to watch him take his shirt off to show off the new hot hairless bod? AND THEN get an oil masssage from Rebecca?) and how much we learned to love the beauties. I mean, every season is the same but oh, how well it all works!? How can you hate these geeks and beauties after their time together?

There was the requisite awkward moments like Will apologizing for his kingly attitude and Mike Richards forcing Jasmine to touch the spider (not a euphemism).

Still, the reminders of just how geeky Joshua was, was just simply the funniest thing, and when they brought out his mom, it was such a nice sweet moment when his mom bonded with his Beauty "mom" Shay that I almost got a little teary eyed (if I wasn't already teary from laughter).

So finally, in a season with the big TWIST of a male beauty Sam and girl geek Nicole (who really really seemed sweet and learned to grow out of her shell), the final vote, left to America (or anybody with access to the internet and could make up an American address) voted for: David and Jasmine to win! WOOHOO!

In a testament to them, a replay of their awkward first night reminded us how much was stacked against them, but when Josh and Shay called them out for lack of growth, they stepped up their game, bonded and won the whole damn thing. I love that Josh was asked point blank if he regretted that move and I LOVED that he genuinely wasn't. That it was part of the experience, to help them all grow (tear), and I loved that David and Jasmine actually seemed to miss each other between the 4 months of filming and this finale. So although it would have been nice to have Nicole take a share, (Sam was entertaining but I'm not sure I could hack him winning) I'm glad David (who I disliked at the start... oh. I guess I grew like a beauty too and learned my lesson...) and the adorable Jasmine won the whole damn thing.

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