Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Chuck - On The Casey

Chuck Versus The Crown Vic - Ep. 111

Last week, we saw Sarah left with the dilema of choosing between leaving forever with Bryce on some secret lone mission, or staying with nice comfortable Chuck.

Well, duh, it ain't the season finale (yet) and she's on the main credits and it's still only season 1 and she hasn't gotten famous enough to want to leave for a "movie career" so of course we knew Sarah wouldn't be picking Bryce. Except she didn't exactly pick Chuck either.

This week, there's money laundering, a yacht, Morgan meeting Anna's parents visiting from Taiwan, and we see Casey actually has a life outside of spying. Oh, and Sarah is NOT a morning person (I hear ya, and I hear ya from 8am at work (should have been 7:30 but I was late from all the snow)).

Another fun and fantastic episode, all with grenade launchers, the Buy More holiday party and mistletoe and another fantastic twist at the end that keeps the show moving forward (even though I was surprised they decided to do something like that this early in the game since they probably could have stretched it out for a bit longer if they wanted to but I'll get to that after the jump).

When Jeff, Lester and Chuck goes on a yacht to install electronics, Chuck discovers that philanthropist billionaire Lon Kirk is counterfeitting money. Chuck and Sarah must attend a charity casino to find out more and they must act as a couple. Sarah, who has been missing work a lot lately, insists she'll do it for work, while Chuck seems left out in the cold. Things are awkward and strained at the event, when Sarah must flirt with Lon for the job's sake, but this makes Chuck jealous.


Sarah purposely pushes Chuck away during the case, making sure she doesn't make the same "kiss" mistake she did when the "bomb" was about to go off. Poor Chuck.

Meanwhile, Chuck tries to bond with Casey as Casey polishes his baby, a 1985 Crown Vic, which sadly gets blown up later on in the episode when Chuck reconfigures the coordintates for a grenade to the only available GPS code available to them at the time. Casey: "I hate this assignment".

While Casey continues his hard ass look (seriously, Adam Baldwin rocks that look!), you could tell Chuck is softening him a bit, just as Chuck has affected Sarah despite her lack of acknowledgement. So when the director warns Casey that the new beta version of the Intersec is up and running, forewarning of Chuck's inevitable obsoleteness, and that Casey will have to take care of that. !!!!???? OMG. They ARE going there!

In the meantime, Sarah and Chuck play friends for now (despite Jeff's push) and Morgan, who had tried to become a 110% version of himself to impress Anna's parents, gets the whole spiel about Anna being embarrased in front of him because of the fact that she resorts back to her goodgirl self in their presence. Yah yah, we've all heard that before. Oh wait, that's cause I've said that before.

So at this point Morgan has become tolerable though I wouldn't shed any tears if he goes to Hawaii and Henry Tang comes back. Anna (Julia Ling), Jeff and Lester are amusing, but I think only relatively speaking against Morgan. Then again, I always assume I'll be annoyed at the Buy More staff but usually I laugh, though a lot of that has to do with Big Mike now.

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