Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How I Met Your Mother - How I Make You My Mistake

The Platinum Rule - Ep. 311

Oh good. It ends off the year funny again! It's been an up and down third season, never bad, but not as great as much of the first 2 seasons, but when How I Met Your Mother was ON this season, it was ON! The Platinum Rule was more gold really but if that's good enough for the Olympics, that's good enough for me!

Ted is about to get his tramp stamp (butterfly tattoo) removed. He decides to go on a date with the tattoo remover when the rest of the gang attempt to warn him against pooping where he eats. Or dating someone you see on a regular basis on life.

Then Barney warns of the rules to dating someone too close to your own world. Loved that each story became examples for the next person to ignore and lessons are learned soon enough to tell the next.

In 2005, Barney dates a waitress at their bar, Marshall and Lily become charades friends with the new neighbours in 2006, and in 2007, Robin starts dating the new sportscaster. All ending in disastrous results of course. Things we all know and things that are entertaining to watch time and time again, especially when it involves Barney, Marshall, Lily and even Robin!

So, we still don't really know who the mother is, we are now three slaps down, with two remaining, and Robin and Ted are definitely over. Lily and Marshall are now married. Barney? Is still Barney, even after discovering his first time was a sham.

It was still great fun to watch and I'm glad the gang is still all here, despite never having met the mother. (Though did anybody suspect this episode was meant for 2008? (like the last Ugly Betty episode) Again, considering the networks are trying to conserve episodes with the WGA strike, I'm surprised they stuck this one on now, during the busy Christmas season. Incidentally, I'm packing up my stuff today at work and off on holidays for the rest of the week so I probably won't be posting as much as normal).

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Liz said...

Maybe I was too hard on this episode. I did have a great structure...