Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Pay My Gym To Watch Food On TV

Is it masochistic to watch the Food Network while I'm on the elliptical machine while I'm at the gym? No wonder I never really actually lose weight. It's like a self-defeating purpose. I come off that thing hungrier than ever.

It's the media version of the carrot on the stick. At least it usually keeps me on the thing for at least the hour. (Only two things can keep me on longer than I would last, and that's a good TV show or a run of good music videos that I can watch on my screen (whoever invented TV's directly built into exercise machines is a F#$KEN GENIUS), or hotties working out in front of me, but since I tend to go at an ungodly hour on weekdays (at 6am), it's a much less hottie to me ratio than I would like).

What's worse, its screwing up my routine because I get too lazy to get off to do other things so that I can continue watching the food porn of Jamie Oliver, Giada De Laurentiis and Nigella Lawson.

Seriously, last week I ended up watching Nigella Feasts (one of the women I would possibly switch for by the way) as I'm literally drooling and sweating on the machine. Note to others, don't take my machine directly after I've been on it. (And what's with the people who can't even wait until I go get the spray to wipe it down properly and jump onto my machine right after? Ew).

(All this by the way is to gratuitously prove that I actually do work out, so next time you see me, tell me I look skinnier even if it's a big fat lie. I don't care that you're lying like a Republican in a sex scandal. Just do it. I need that delusional feeling and thus I can continue watching my Food TV while I work out. It's like some kind of mobius strip of calories.)

Michael Chiarello from Easy Entertaining is pretty enjoyable to watch as well! I'm also a big fan of Top Chef but again, since we are practically a whole season behind the Americans, I haven't bothered talking about how irritaing Hung is or how cool Dale is.

Anyways, here's some more gratuitous photos of Dave Lieberman of Good Deal with Dave Lieberman who really doesn't do anything complicated or anything but I guess that's the point of his show. Whatever, it's fun to watch (and at least in Canada, it plays in the afternoons and evenings when I can watch on weekend workouts!).

What, you think I actually cook after watching all this stuff? (Actually, I'm not bad when I have the time or energy...)

Why he's on the shopping carts I have no idea and normally he'd look like a tool but I'll give it to youthfulness and charm and forgive him for this:

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