Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pushing Daisies - Life's Colder Without Daisies

Corpsicle - Ep. 109

Amazing how fast a show can warm our hearts and become part of our lives. It's going to be a long winter without Pushing Daisies. Prepare for the winter/Christmas hiatus where we will be without the warmth of Ned, Chuck, Olive, Emerson, Digby, Aunts Vivian and Lily and the comfortable narration of Jim Dale so we will have to last through the cold with this last episode of the year, Corpsicle.

And yet what a chill and a thrill they have left us in!

Chuck has run away from Ned, after he divulges his little secret about killing her father, and she runs to Olive's to hide. Ned looks everywhere for her, including at Aunts Lily and Vivian's place, who are freezing their mermaid butts off (do mermaids have butts?) because only Chuck knew how to light the furnace.

Emerson finds a new case of insurance brokers that are found dead frozen but a depressed Ned, still worrying about Chuck, is of little help to Emerson, even after he traces it to a possible insurance client, a kid that needs a heart that the insurance agency keeps denying.

But before we get to who really killed all the insurance agents and almost kills off Grant Shaud (Murphy Brown, still looking extremely youthful), let's talk about what was REALLY great about last nights episode, and by really great I mean, the few big revelations!

EMERSON is a DADDY? A father? And not a man of the cloth father but as in Big Daddy Emerson he who has a daughter that he does not want to discuss. Which means Ned will want to discuss.

Paul Reubens is back as Oscar Vibenius, still on the smell of Chuck. He smells bees and death in her hair, but needs a larger piece to sample, and has already taken a chunk of Digby's fur as well. Chuck, who already revealed her is-dead-but-was-brought-back-to-life-by-Ned to Olive already (who of course, didn't believe her), almost wants the secret out, and helps out Oscar in his quest to find out her secret. Love where this might all be going!

Finally, after Olive had added an extra dose of Chuck's secret ingredient to her pie for Aunts Lily and Vivian, and after Aunt Lily eats the entire pie, she starts having delusions and everything but reveals to Olive that she is in fact, Chuck's mother. SAY WHAT???

The Darling Mermaid Darling is Chuck's mother?

Seriously fantastic!

Finally, the killer that ices off the insurance prey, was in fact, the Make a wish lady, doing anything she could to make the sick boy's wishes come true. In a strange (when is this show never strange?) showdown, the make-a-wish lady gets mowed down by a monkey (Bobo) driving her vehicle (yes, that's not typo) and her heart is given to the boy. She, in the end, was successful at granting his wish! And can there be a better holiday tale than that?


Anonymous said...

She was run over by BoBo the monkey; not a squirrel...

Vance said...

OMG you're right! I don't know why I even wrote that. I was sort of rushing to get the post out while I was still on vacation in NY.