Sunday, January 06, 2008

Desperate Housewives - Aftermath and Gay Math

Welcome to Kanagawa - Ep. 410

What a sad episode. No, not about finding out that Ida died while trying to save Lynette's family from the tornado, and not that Gaby has been cut out of any of Victor's money now that the father from Providence figure out that she had been having an affair with Carlos, no, it was sad because just as Desperate Housewives has finally gotten back on track this season (as Liz put it, did somebody kidnap the writers after season 1 and only release them for season 4?) and is funnier than ever, due the writers strike, that's the end of new episodes of the revitalized Housewives. Kind of a weird setback just as the new year started (who scheduled it like this?)

Wisteria Lane is devastated from the tornado (though with no loss to that fugly gay metal fountain of Bob and Lee's) and yes, they didn't kill off Lynette's little buggers, nor Tom (thank god) and only tertiary character Ida dies leaving Mrs. McCluskey devastated. Ida's uncaring relatives come for her ashes, or at least her pearls, so Lynette does the old vacuum cleaner switcheroo, giving the relatives an urn of dust while Ida's ashes are kept safely in a ziplock bag. I bet Glad never imagined the ziplock would be used for carrying the dead.

Gaby breaks the bad news to Carlos about the ONLY PAPERS TO HIS SECRET ACCOUNTS were blown away by the tornado wind and Gaby tries to track down Al the accountant at his own funeral and hunts for the papers only to be found and fake cries sadness! Oh Gaby, work that acting magic! Alas, the papers were shreded by the widowed wife to protect her husband of any link to off-shore accounts but Gaby reassures Carlos that they are okay. Only, he hasn't yet told her that he's now blind. Which matters to beautiful Gaby. Who's going to stare longingly at her beauty? And Carlos knows this.

Meanwhile, in the most convoluted manufactured story, a story I'm kinda glad they made up out of the blue because it was so hilarious despite being completely out of place, Bree moves into Susan's house since the Hodges house needs a new roof. The gay contractor the Gays hooked Bree up with (he can build it AND decorate it!) is all distraught from his recent breakup and won't work on Bree's house. So Bree has a plan.

Bree, who has been completely Breeifying Susan's home, much to Susan and Andrea's surprise delight, invites Walter the contractor over and helps grease the spoon by pimping out Andrew who realises midway through the dinner of his mother's plans to use his young gay hottie body (a 9 let's say in gay math) to entice the elder gay contractor (a 3 according to Bob and Lee, who doesn't fit into 9 according to gay math) to reconstruct a new roof (and windows!), and old Andrew peeks through by demanding a 60" flatscreen. Nice. Bree and Orson hilariously promote Andrew's gay ass until Susan hears of the plot that would remove her new caretaker/cook/maid/decorator and comes in to stop the hustling. Apparently Susan continue her reign on gay subtraction, deflating the gay love in any room.

Yes, apparently this is network primetime. And it was hysterical with some gaspworthy moments and even though I never bought that Bree would have been so rude to have demanded Walter's services back when he first broke down, I'm glad they went with the gay hustling plotline. I feel I should hand Bree some big gold chains and a big hat, she was that good. Plus, finally Susan isn't irritating and is funny. That's how good this season is getting again! Just as it's about to abruptly end.

We also discover that Mrs. McCluskey already has two strikes against her, when her and Lynette almost get arrested when they break into the baseball field to spread Ida's ashes along the diamond. I love these little details!

Meanwhile, Katherine orders Adam out but while Adam is packing, he finds the note that grandma had left that had fallen under the bed. We have no idea what it says but obviously he has the upper hand, and leaves Katherine with his new discovery. She goes and burns it but Dylan pieces it together from the ashes finding out something she wished she never would...


the writer's strike...

there's got to be some irony in there, as minor as it may be.

What's worse is we don't know how long we're going to have to wait before we find out what was written on that note, so help support the writer's in the WGA strike and help this end soon!

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Liz said...

I KNOW, right!? Stupid AMPTP... There were so many quotable lines last night! And the note, the note! Sigh...

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